Keeping it Real, a rant from the Mad Dater

Greetings from the mad Dater,


When a man says, ” I’m sorry”  is he referring to the word Sorry the adjective, that means feeling distressed especially, at someone else misfortune?


Many years ago, when I was married, my spouse expressed that he was Sorry for behavior towards me that wasn’t appropriate; yet, he made no efforts to change. He’s say Sorry for using impolite language in the house, Sorry for being late for the hundredth time, and Sorry for not keeping an agreement we’ve made.

Over the years hearing Sorry from him became something else for me. When he’d say, ” sorry” What he was  saying was, I am a careless and selfish person. I do not put any effort into thinking about how my actions, behavior, disrespect and rudeness affect you.  In his mind, as long as he continued to say, ” I’m sorry” I would forgive him.

Well…I’m not sorry I left that marriage.

What I’ve learned through trail and error is this,  I will not accept Sorry from a man as away to excuse  his bad behavior. Instead, I ask for and sometimes demand an explanation for his mindless lack of consideration.

What Say You?

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real, a rant from the Mad Dater

  1. Sounds like he truly was a sorry individual, based on his sorry apology. Sorry is not a call and answer, it is a state of remorse. Lack of any real change in behaviour just confirms it was not an apology. I don’t blame you for being annoyed.

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