Dear readers,

2017 has seen an enormous amount of women and a few men who came forth with accounts of sexual harassment. Some of these victims of unwanted sexual assault are called “brave” for having the “courage” to speak out about these acts of inappropriate behavior. Some of these incidents have occurred 10 to 30 years ago, and some go so far back in time that I don’t think it is worth mentioning. Don’t take what I am saying out of context, I’m in no way trying to  downplay the “painful” experiences suffered by these victims, however, the questions on my mind is why now? And what do these victims hope to accomplish? Many of the voices who claim to have agonized in silence are currently living a lavish life style. We have heard the wounded say that at the time of the incident of inappropriate sexual behavior that was inflicted on them they, “did what they had to do” or “they did speak out in fear of no one believing them.”

I was stunned when James Levin my favorite composer for the MET, was suspended after sexual abuse accusations that involved unsuitable behavior towards young men. I was floored by the news of Matt Lauer, the former host of The Today Show, sudden termination. My attraction for becoming a long time viewer of The Today Show was due to the chemistry of Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, and Katie Couric, I guess I was wrong. The list of the accuser continues to grow, who will be next? Do these so-called powerful men truly feel remorse for their debauched conduct or are they embarrassed about the fact that they were caught with their pants down so to speak. The lawsuits have begun, they say, “it’s not about the money” then what is it about? Will the private settlements make the pain go away?

I recall when Anita Hill, was the first to publicly speak out about her experience of sexual harassment by her accuser Clarence Thomas. Her statement was questioned by public opinion when it was discovered that she was in Thomas employment on two different occasions and never mentioned his misconduct towards her until his confirmation hearing. During her days of testimony the political view from the Left and Right Wing Theorist, suggested that Hill was used to try to stop Thomas’s affirmation to the Supreme Court. After the dust settled and the smoke cleared, Hill realized that speaking out in her words was “poor judgment.” I digress.

My final say on this subject, to the so-called people in “power” in these places of employment, Hollywood, educational and religious institutions. Regardless of being a white or blue-collar worker, low-income, middle class, wealthy or the uber rich, it is not enough to say shame on you, or for you to seek forgiveness because of a few words of apology for your wicked behavior. You did what you did because you felt that you are above the law with your “power and money” reckoning day is here, and your reign of terror is over; your so-called “poor judgment” has resulted in permanent scares and a stain of distrust in the American people.

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