The Healing process

Dear Readers,

A part of the healing process is to acknowledge when your overwhelmed by the emotions your working through. Creating a daily routine keeps you busy and sometime you can get lost in begin busy that you don’t pay attention to the emotions and the grief that eventually will caught up with you. I spent this past year focusing on pushing my brand ” Conversations with J. R. Floyd” I wrote a third book, created a new website, appear live on Facebook, and kept my you tube channel current. I  journal, read books, and watched 100ths of motivational speakers. I fasted and prayed, but I wouldn’t allow myself to cry because I felt this would show weakness. Today, is the day that my strong shoulders became weak, the emotions caught up to me and I finally had that cry. It is a relief to acknowledge what I feel and what I have been busy running from. So, now it is time for me to step back from my brand and focus on my emotional and physical health and the fact that I am going to make a career change in 2020. Thank you for your support. I will be back. 💖

13 thoughts on “The Healing process

  1. Hi J.R.,
    I am new to your blog via desai on ‘indians abroad’. Nice to meet you here and your video resonates so much with me.
    My sentiments echo those of
    America on Coffee.
    🙏and all the best in 2020.
    I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account mid August but may catch up with you there if I return.
    Take care

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      • What beautiful and touching writing. It is good to be human and to experience the full range of our feelings. Life is full of dualities – cold and hot, floods and droughts, dark and sunlight, life and death. We cannot escape that, but we can process it in a way that helps us to grow through it. And you know, if we never suffered with our challenges we face daily, we could never learn true compassion for others, or to know how to help them. So everything in this life has a purpose, even when it seems like something out of Science Fiction. And everything, even when it is painful to us, is a teaching tool to help us. Sometimes it seems like we should be able to learn everything we need to know, but some of the most important lessons are learned via painful experiences. And at the end of a day, I think we all know that. I have thought about these things a lot. Life would be so boring if it were all flat and we never had any mountains to climb or valleys to explore. We come to appreciate what we have because we know what it feels like to be without it. You are a lovely lady, and I wish you the best in this life. Anne

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