Let the truth be told

Let the truth be told. 


People  say that we are  the sum of our experiences. But what happens when the majority of your experiences have lead to a traumatic life?  My childhood was a combination of fear and punishment. Children look to their parents for protection, love, guidance, and  assurance. I was raised in a house with eight siblings and I felt neglected and abandoned by a mother who was busy with kids and housework. My father was not a warm and  loving father he ruled his house with an ironic fist keeping his family in check was his main goal. The fun times in my house where very few due to my father allowing religion to be the center of our lives. One of the major mistakes my parents made was that they didn’t teach their children about the true facts of life. My mother was busy turning  me into a domestic diva making sure that I didn’t have time to be a child, teen nor did she help me with my transition into womanhood. 

At the age of 17, I was desperate to get away from home so I gave  my virginity to the first boy who said he ” loved me” this lead to years of yearning for the need to be loved,  protected, cherished, provided for, and to feel that I mattered. Not such luck. Just like my childhood in my relationships I was abused, confused, ashamed, neglected, made to feel worthless, undeserving and invisible. My family watched while my life was devastated  by relationships after relationships. I experienced being put out in the street by live in boyfriends, infidelity, and foolishly being financially responsible for some of the men in my life because I didn’t know better. 

The years of searching for a place to belong was tremendously painful. Walking through life and never feeling secure that at least one person had my  back. I put my trust in the wrong people and I made poor relationship choices. I spent eight years in therapy, yoga, meditation, disciplined eating, education……blah, blah only to be haunted with a heavy feeling of emptiness. People tell me that I should be proud of all that I have accomplished. I am told that I am strong, creative, intelligent, beautiful, energetic, and powerful. I have fallen more times then I care to count. Each time pulled myself up using my strength, creativity, intelligence, and energy. During the most stressful events in my life, I have had minimal support from family, but thank God for a few die hard friends. 

I recently began to understand why I disliked the men from my past relationships. Due to my lack of relationship knowledge and experience I opened myself to be stepped on like a doormat and used like a pit stop. None of the men in my past had the decency to have mercy on me, so they took advantage of my lack of experience. So,  part of my new healing process is to hold them accountable instead of me shouldering all the blame. To the men from my past please remember a woman gave birth to you, you have sisters, aunts, and daughters, shame on you for mistreating women. I am moving forward healing myself of the pain you caused me. This time around I know what I am healing from and why.

To my deceased father and living mother I no longer wish to take responsibility and carry around the shame for what you didn’t teach me. It was your duty as parents to share vital information about the dangers of this world.  I know that you couldn’t protect me from every bad wolf, but you could have at least warned me before you just pushed me out into the dark abyss. I am going to dig deep and heal from my lost innocence. 

To all the people who have betrayed me. I am moving on with the awareness that I can’t go through life shielding myself by staying behind the walls of my cocoon. I know everyone is not out to get me, but I will move with caution. To all the people that I caused pain with my words or deeds,  I seek your forgiveness, whether you want to grant me pardon doesn’t matter because I am not that person anymore. 

2020, will be the start of true healing. I know the work I have to do and I

I am ready. I will love myself  unconditionally, I will protect, provided, have my back, keep promises to self,  engage in activities that bring me joy, and build towards my future. For my future friends and husband, when you cross through the threshold into my life please be aware that if your not truthful, trustworthy,  have honorable intentions, willing to respect, love, honor, have my back, be my ride or die, protect, support, show compassion and just be authentic with your intention, I am reminding you that I am emotionally better, mentally aware and most importantly I am paying attention. 

My hope is that for every person who reads this to sit down to write a letter to self,  and talk to the people who have caused you pain, read the letter out loud, burn it and heal. Your happiness matters. 



12 thoughts on “Let the truth be told

  1. This is really moving. Our past can have a tremendous affect on the trajectory of our lives. However, your story shows that we do not have to be prisoners of what happened in our childhood or early adulthood. Very inspiring.

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  2. Wow, what movement J.R.
    I am up early reading this post after my last visit to my friend Joan in the hospice yesterday before my four month trip to Thd Gambia on 3 Dec and before my visit today to local travel clinic. (20 miles away). The last minute clinic visit came about as a result of my chasing the g.p practice nurse about my travel questionnaire handed in three weeks ago. The receptionist told me the nurse had not looked at the form hence travel clinic visit. The n.h.s May be falling apart but as an ex nhs worker also I am not allowing another ‘cock up’ to tear me apart. I may order a taxi as no energy to drive.
    Thank you for sharing your journey j.r. What a wonderful, cathartic idea to write a letter to yourself and burn it. I may follow your lead.
    Take care ❤️


    • The story is sad, but I look at it as a part of my healing process. I don’t know if the experiences in my past is God’s purpose for my life. I can say that I hope by sharing I can help others to heal🙏

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      • As a person you don’t have to learn all things through your experience but other peoples experiences so of course you are helping others and have say that you so brave to share such personal experience with strangers and most importantly never doubt presence of God in your life because you actually overcomes this hole situation. Thanks for sharing and big up to you.

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  3. There’s a country song…”God bless the broken road” by Rascal Flatts. It’s really a love song, but I think it could apply to life as well.
    While there are many hardships, heartaches, wrongdoings…the list goes on and on…we are who we are today because of yesterday!
    I myself had built a wall in my younger years, knocked it mostly down with some barriers, only to have the wall start to go back up recently. It’s hard to trust people when you’ve been hurt by so many.
    One day at a time…that’s all we can do! Hoping 2020 is good to you!


  4. If we were the sum of our experiences only, everyone who lived in the same environment would turn out the same. I think to get a better equation of self, we need to factor in what we learn from those experiences and the quality of our inner self. Your inner self shines so bright in these words. Thank you for the inspiring message!

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