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Dear Readers,

I don’t understand living in a society that is complacent about women and little girls being raped, molested, forced into marriage,and child brides, encouraging women to remain in abusive relationships, being side chicks, sex workers, baby mother’s instead of honorable wives. Why are we placing more value on men, yet, we disgrace the women who risk their lives to give birth to men.

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8 thoughts on “I’m just saying

  1. It’s esp violent for women in the Muslim world and in India too. Just look at the violence and decay in US cities. Respect and sanctity for human life seems to be evaporating everywhere. One cause is that much of society has kicked God out of everything.

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  2. It is all over the world. It is young, old, physically and developmentally challenged. It is the homeless, and skin or country or religious or spiritual beliefs that continue to suffer. No one is safe these days, and I am not certain things will change for the better. Thank you for your sensitive and caring notes. We must continue to educate people and to teach them how to take care of themselves to the degree they can, and to try to educate young people that ALL earth’s people are valuable too. Men suffer too more than we realize. The true figures are not known because many men and boys are ashamed if it happens to them. I have a background in criminal justice and I follow many of the criminal reports and studies. It is anything but inspiring.

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  3. I remember something I didn’t say before exactly the same way. When a young woman is raped (at least in this area of California), it is recognized as rape, but when an older woman gets raped, rarely is anything done about it, and that is the truth. I don’t know if it is the same in other states, etc.


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