Dump the Wish List

Dear Readers,
The issues isn’t about making new years resolutions its about whether your resolutions have purpose. In other words, what is the intentions behind the Resolutions? Most people begin a new year with the hopes that the new number in the year will make and improvements in their lives. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if your not making changes in your thinking and  behavior then what sense does the lip service of a resolution makes?

There is not one person on this plant that doesn’t have the right to have a better quality of life; but wishing isn’t going to make the changes in your life happen. There is no magic spell or  secret, the main point to change is to be specific about what you want, and if what your seeking is the right fit for your life. When choosing to make resolutions make sure your goals are realistic and reachable.

Some factors to consider if your in a marriage or partnership how will your individual resolutions affect the relationship? And is your partner supportive of the changes? And most important is the Resolutions about the change of your relationship with your partner?

Are you ready to be consistent, persistent, patient, aggressive, and humble in accomplishing your Resolutions? What does these Resolutions mean to you? If you desire to save money are you willing to cut useless spending, acquire a second job, create a budget, and stay focused until you reach the amount you want to save? One of the most popular Resolution is to loose weight. Are you ready to clean out your pantry of the unhealthy foods? Hire a trainer and work through day after day of soreness and pain until your body is fit? Drink 8 glasses of water per day and show up to your workout even if your trainer cancel the session?

Is your Resolution to leave a relationship that is no longer a good fit for you? Because staying means you will never be able to heal from the mental and emotional damage cause by a dyfuncational relationship.

Again, I ask the question, if your making a Resolution or Resolutions what is the purpose? What is the meaning of creating a list of promises without an agenda? My intention for focusing on this subject of Resolutions is to remind my readers  that a wish is just a wish.  A to do list isn’t effective if there isn’t a plan to get busy doing the work to check off each task as they are completed.

Dreams are ideas that begin in our minds and it is the excitement of the thought of turing the dream into a reality.  But what happens after a few days, weeks when the excitement turns into hard work, discipline, staying focus by eliminating distractions, and moving obstacles that will impede your plans.

Now I ask you. What is your vision for your life?

6 thoughts on “Dump the Wish List

  1. wow great post and perspective!! i do think its wise to be careful with what we wish, because dreams dont come true out of nowhere, we have to work for them. thank you for your insight. i relate to some things you wrote 💖


  2. True, we should consider what we really intend before setting a resolution. It’s easy to write a list of the topics we know society expects from us, but if we don’t really think about what those resolutions mean to us, how can we expect to achieve them?


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