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I constantly hear people complain about not having enough time for ” down time”. People claim they want to slow down, and take it easy and have more time for self care. Question, how important is down time to you? This year ( 2020) I am pondering  the quality of my life versus the quantity of what contributes to adding stress thus keeping me on the grind and taking away my day of ” rest”.  I refuse to force my body to go at a pace that is mentally, physically and emotionally damaging.  I am in my 50’s and I realize that my new grind is more about purpose than just doing and going for the sake of doing and going. One of the changes I have made is each decsion I make depends on if I want to give my time to others and what’s the  benefit for me.

I am willing to say NO, and I don’ t cram my monthly calendar with too many activities. My regular days off are Sunday and Monday.  I am currently working extra shifts on Sunday to save for a car. Once I obtain the car my Sundays will be restored as my day of rest. Please don’t  confuse my day of rest with my day of worship. My day of rest is my downtime. It’s my time to detach, relax, enjoy a home cooked meal, and rest on my sofa. I don’t  leave my house on my day of rest, and if I do it’s to get resources like food, or a mani-pedi pick up take out and return home. Today, Sunday  Jan 26, my day of rest consist of brunch at home, a foot soak, facial, a vegan dinner and lots of water. I spent a little time looking at my schedule  for the week ahead, and  cleaning my bedroom then back to relaxing on my sofa.

I’ve discovered that remaining consistent with my day of rest helps take the strain off of feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. I have a better attitude at the start of the week. I also feel that  I have made my needs a priority . I hope by sharing this will encourage you to take time to make your day of rest a priority.

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13 thoughts on “Downtime?

  1. It’s important to schedule rest, or it will schedule itself. That’s been my experience of pushing myself while wishing for a day when I could just lay around, only to end up too sick to leave my bed for a day. Better to make the time and space to rest joyously than to end up needing to recuperate!

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  2. Thank you for sharing J.R. I particularly like the way you make your decisions on deciding whether to spend time with others dependant on the value it has for you.
    Happy new year. 🙂.

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