I Crave Love

Dear Readers,  Today,I was asked this question, do I believe in love? I had to take my time and think in order to give an authentic answer. I truly don’t know if there was ever a moment that I experienced love. I have mistaken other feelings and emotions to be love. To say that I have been in a place or moment to feel from the depths of my soul the warmth, peace, protection, affection, loyalty, compassion, empathy and selflessness that is pure love that flows from the depths of another person’s soul. A love that knows no lies, speaks truth, is not deceitful and is as flawless as the smile of a new born baby…hmmmm….I can’t say I believe in something I never touched.

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17 thoughts on “I Crave Love

  1. You have gained valuable knowledge and wisdom that will be able to pass on to a generation that has NO idea what true love is. Unfortunately for you it came at a price that I’m pretty sure you would not want to have paid. However atleast you know and understand your worth because of this you are positioned to be found by the ONE who is meant to love you

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    • Welcome back. It’s been a long time. It is unfortunate that my experiences begin from childhood. A child who feel unloved and neglected tend to go through life seraching to fill an empty void. One lesson I learned is that I try to be kind to each person I come in contact with. People are thirsty for kindness and compassion


  2. “Love” is such a complicated array of concepts tied to a single word. There are times I wish it were clearer what “love” really is, but I suppose even if it were more specific, finding its true meaning and experience would still be a life-long journey.

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  3. I am Anne Copeland, and I guess I know a lot about love because I am 78 and have lived through all types of love over my many years. Finally, as a senior, I met a senior man (I am older than he is- yes, an old cougar). One thing led to another as he was doing painting and fixing things and helping me make some of my mobile home better. He did not have much, but he had a big heart, a quiet heart that didn’t say much, but he showed love in everything he did. When you find a man who will dig up free plants for you from Craigslist in the heat of summer and drag them home and plant them in your yard, when you get some Christmas trees (2) that were thrown away before Christmas after the other ones were sold so you could help them live for a brief time they gave their lives for and he helps you get them out of the car because they are too heavy for you. And then he helps you get them into buckets of water and doesn’t laugh at you for wanting to save them, that is a good man. And when every animal, even the ones who are very naughty and unfriendly dogs and cats, go up to him, crawl on his lap and go to sleep, you know he is a good man. And when he sends you funny facebook postings to help you through a particular time when the CV-19 is rampant and disrupting society, you know you have a good man. When he is grateful to you for cutting his hear, making him a dinner for something he has done for you, or trying to do something special for him because you repaired his old worn out jeans and got him a pair of good sneaks because his feet are always hurting from wearing bad shoes, you know you have a good man. When he takes his last dollar and makes sure you have something that he thinks you will like, you know you have a good mam. When he sits through your breast cancer for you and lets you know that it is ok even if you end up with no breasts, you know you have a good man. A good man is there for you even when you argue with each other. He always wants to give you a kiss goodnight, and he makes sure he takes you everyplace you need to go and waits for you through all kinds of medical appts., organization meetings, and things he doesn’t have any interest in, you know you have a good man. It is a quiet sort of love – no glitz, no promises that are not kept. Nothing fancy, but the joy of knowing that the light will not go out until you are both gone – now that is love. I know you will find it. I didn’t for a long, long time either, though I thought I loved a good number of men. First and foremost, I cannot be anyone but who I am. I am never going to have big boobs or one of those hourglass figures. I am not beautiful physically – perhaps just average if that. But I am smart and I am who I am. I say what I mean and mean what I say. If he likes it, that is great, but if not, I am still going to be who I am. When you do this, you are loving the most important person of all — yourself! Peace and blessings and thank you for the great writing, Anne

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  4. Well, I am lucky, I have my David. Or as he says he is the lucky one – we are lucky together. We have had so much love and fun, together and some family issues that make things had – but we just kept focused on each other – our love is not about them and there not acceptance of our love. Davids family is …. well not always in love me, but I will keep trying. My son did not love David right away, but now are great friends. My mom kept putting up pictures of my ex husband (who slept his was thru Detroit while we were married), but after I married David, she stopped and accepted us. So here we stand – still in Love after all our messy past loves, and if we can do it – ANYONE can.

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    • Wow. First, i love your blog and all that you share. Second, i am happy to hear that despite obstacles you pushed through and stayed together. I know that long last loving relationships are possible, and I am going to keep my heart open because I know that one day my true man will come. I wish you much happiness.💖

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