The Joys of Parenthood

Dear Readers,                                          my son and my two granddaughters


This is just a matter of opinion and not intended to advise parents how to raise their children. Have you noticed that modern thinking parents no longer believe that it takes “ A village to raise a child”.  I am a baby boomer raised in the South by two parents who were very much disciplinarians. My father was a soldier and he believed in “ spoil the child, but use the rod” when necessary. My mother used a different approach when disciplining her children, she took away privileges, withheld allowance, and removed you from participating in important family events like birthday parties and BBQ’s. Above all my parents communicated with me and my siblings in a loving manner and only displayed displeasure by the frown on their face or the tone of disappointment in their voice. I have recently taken to observing the manner that modern parents verbalize displeasure towards their children and it is shocking. I have heard parents threatening their children how they would cause them physical harm for misbehaving. No, I am not talking about a minor spanking on the bottom, I have heard parents threatening to slap, kick, and punch their children.  And they do so by using the utmost foul language to describe their disapproval because their child is “ acting out”. Children will be l children, and what I see is parents who are getting younger and younger, and lack the patience, compassion, and the understanding that their world as an adult changed the moment they chose to bring a life into the world, and parenthood is a 100 percent 24 hour, 7 days a week, 356 days a year responsibility. Most young people become parents without a solid foundation, in other words, they are not emotionally, mentally, or financially prepared. They stumble through parenthood not grasping that true parenting means sacrifices, being opened to learning, and the understanding that being a parent means that life revolves around the needs of their children

Most young parents still feel the need to “ have a life” . Here’s some new information: your children are your life. Once you made the adult choice to bring forth life you do not get to choose which days you feel like being a parent. Your first allegiance as a parent is for the safety and welfare of your children. If nobody has told these young modern parents, let me have the pleasure to be the first to inform them that being a parent is a true gift, and children are the best part of our society, they remind us what’s important and they show adults that we are never to old to nurture the child that will always be in our spirit. Children encourage us to laugh, be silly, playful, and they give the best and sincere hugs. I don’t profess to be the world’s greatest parent. My one and only son ( who I called my one true love) was born into a world to a young unlearned and naive mother, and a father who misled me to believe that I was the love of his life, and that we were going to be married and live happily ever after. Well, he abandoned us when my son was 10 months old. I failed as a young parent because I lacked adult guidance and a support system. My mother was disgusted with me for getting “ knocked up”, my father did the best he could, but he was aging and illness took over his life. Every other adult in my life was dealing with their own chaos. I had to work to support me and my son,  and I never truly understood how to bond with him. He paid the price for being born to young parents. Today, he is a proud father of three, and he often tells me that he will never leave his children, and I know this is because of the manner that he was raised, by a strict grandmother, and absentee parents. 


my son

I am grateful today that my son, my one true love, has taught me a sincere lesson of unconditional forgiveness,  and at the age of 39, he allows me to be the mother that I always wanted to be, but didn’t know how. It’s like I said, children can teach us lessons, my son taught me that it’s not what happened, but what we will do now. I hope that many people will read this and tuck their children in tonight and let them know that they are loved. 


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19 thoughts on “The Joys of Parenthood

  1. This is a true testament on the concept of forgiveness. I believe that people should read this blog with the inclination of learning the lesson of love past and emotion or feeling. You are a blessed woman who have been granted another chance that not too many children are willing to offer their parents. This is by far the greatest life lesson you have shared with us your readers and followers. Thank you for your transparency and your willingness to be vulnerable with us. Peace and Blessings!

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  2. You’ve walked a tough road, but it sounds like you and your son found a way forward that helped you both grow. I am not a parent, but I can appreciate the value of a parent who works to improve. Perfection is rarely possible in parenting, but that effort, that willingness to hold hands with your child and learn, that lets children know they are valued.

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  3. wow, I loved your sincere words, it really touched me and I’m feeling the love.

    We really should make up our mind, if we are capable to raise a child proper. It is not about us and our needs, it’s our true contribution to the next generation. It is so much more than love and responsibility. Thanks for sharing. Shout out from Germany, Sovely

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  4. Quote: “Most young parents still feel the need to have a life” . Here’s some new information: your children are your life.”
    That’s so true.
    Parenting in the toughest task you will ever undertake.
    I think too young people are introduced to sexuality at too young of an age. They are not emotional equipped to handle the demands of parenthood. Of course a hundred years ago many girls were married mothers by the age 14, but people were matured back then than now.

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    • Your comment speaks truth. We live in a society where sex, sex, sex is everywhere. My parent’s didn’t teach me anything. I wished my mother would talked to me about life. I also think that parents allow children to be exposed to too much too soon. Thank you for stopping by dragthepen💖

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      • I understand it’s OK about sexual freedom for adults but not for children. I don’t think that could be the case for kids. Call me old fashioned, but 12 years couldn’t know about certain things, let alone be doing them. I read you are from the South and no, years ago they didn’t teach their children about some of the essential things they need to know about in life. Some things are still considered a taboo. Like sex, never mind the sexual revolution happened in the 60’s.


  5. I’m sorry to learn his father misled you and abandoned you. I truly am. Getting married doesn’t always guarantee child nor spousal support. It’s probably best you raised him on your own merit so you didn’t have to deal with the drama so many young couple go through. Your son turned out just fine. 🙂

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