This is not the time for Foolishness

Dear readers,

I have noticed an increasing number of people on social media posting negative comments about the government stimulus package. I’m not trying to be a hard- ass, but these are serious times and joking about a financial resource that’s going to help some people through this crisis, isn’t funny to me or did I miss the memo. So, while people are posting negative comments about the stimulus checks think about how many children are hungry, people being threatened with eviction, large number of homes with both parents out of work, women who are suffering from domestic violence, children living in home where they are being abused, families who are loosing husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and other members of their family to the Virus. People are afraid and living a day to day of uncertainty. Please show some intelligence and compassion.💖. Some people really need this money.

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18 thoughts on “This is not the time for Foolishness

  1. You are very right. Many people are frightened and acting irrationally. This is a time for compassion and to take that breath and review what you write or say.

    I am very fortunate. My circumstances are much better than many other people. I hope you and your family are safe.

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  2. So true. Where is our compassion in times like this. I lost my job and I’m greatful that my husband still has his and is working from home. I’m greatful to be getting unemployment right now. Things are hard and to be talking negatively about the situation is not okay with me. That money will be a big help to us.

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  3. People may not be joking about the needy but more about the irony that we can’t pay for universal healthcare, reparations, the green daels, and many other things, but now we are shelling out money left and right.

    They are also posting about corporations and the rich getting a big portion of this money.

    I received mine and cashed the check quickly but I do believe that down the road all Americans will have to pay for all the splurging.

    Kevy michaels

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