You Have Been Warned

Dear Readers,

People are in a rush to be outside. I am making the choice to remain sheltered in place. I’ve purchased a beach chair and a portable pool. My summer will be spent in my back yard with my mini grill, some good books, editing my new manuscript, and watching the TV my landlord hooked up a TV in the garage. I understand that its difficult for some people to remain at home due to enticing warmer temperatures,being bored, and living in tight spaces. Reminder! The virus is out there. We don’t know who, what, where, or when. Some people will be of the opinion that I am living in fear. I say, I am staying safe. Please use the common sense you where born with.Β πŸ‘πŸŒž

What Say You?

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22 thoughts on “You Have Been Warned

  1. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ YOU!!! Have Been Beautifully Taken In by Power and Money; so Enjoy YOUR!!! Self-Imposed, Propaganda Driven Self Isolation; for Goodness Sake, someone as Intelligent as YOU!!! should Realise this is a Variant of The Common Cold…please Don’t Take My Word For It; instead I Suggest spend some of That Time of YOURS!!! Indoors Researching The Common Cold and The Nature of Viruses rather than just Accepting what ‘Experts’ Say πŸ€” ?

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡



  2. I am a carer and shielder for my husband so we have to stay put. With the Prime Minister telling everyone they can go on trips anywhere in their cars locals in tourist spots are worried about being invaded! The virus is still out there, the more people out and about, the riskier for everyone.

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    • I agree. This is my fear the more people begin to flood the streets the worst this. Situation will become. I understand we need money to make the world go round, but I hope people will think before they expose themselves. Take careπŸ’–πŸ™


  3. I say stay home as much as possible, but when you do go out, keep it local. Even with three acres, it gets a little mundane. When we do go out, we stay away from people…fishing, hiking, that kinda thing. Some people are really hurting financially, and not areas were/have been hit the same. Maryland is starting a phased in approach or reopening. The gov is letting local mayors take some control as to how and when they reopen. Frederick County wasn’t hit the same as Prince George’s county…so why should we be treated the same? But at the same time, Prince George’s county residents shouldn’t be coming to Frederick…

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    • I understand that people need to get back to work. I understand that people are bored. Yes, get people back to earning an income. But do we need people gather at the Beach, parks and other places where there will be crowds. People are not taking precautions.


  4. Since father and I are both retired it is easy to be stay at home people. He’s 96 and fairly homebound anyway. I do , however, greatly sympathize with people that are saying “Screw this. I gotta get back to work. The fridge and pantry are empty and behind in all the bills.” The leaders and people who are “stay at home Nazis” act as though staying at home is a mere inconvenience and they cdertainly must have very fat and comfortable banks accounts. .

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    • I agree about getting back to work absolutely people need to regain their source of income. What i am referring to opening the beaches, parks and all the other places were there will be a crowd of people who refuse to take safety precautions.


      • Yes, that could be a problem but I’ve been hearing heat and sunlight kills the virus but too close with no precautions is risky. Heard this morning it mutates and changes quicker than normal for virus and mutating to become more infectious. Seems it has a DNA programing with its own intelligence.

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  5. Yes…I understand the rush to restore the economy, what I don’t understand is the shaming of people who make the choice to shelter. I am to the point of lashing out at the next person who beats their chest while posting, “Going out is brave, staying in is cowardly.”

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  6. I’m staying at home. I have been working on my book and painting with the family. It’s not that important to be out and about right now. I do go walking in the evenings with my husband but we are not going anywhere. I pray that people will understand how serious this is. I understand that the weather is nice but it still scares me that people don’t care about their lives and others. I’m sheltering in place.

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    • Absolutely my fear is that people are so caught up in the need to be outside that they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. I look forward to summer, but this year I understand I have to make adjustments. I can still enjoy but I have to think before. I act. Enjoy the time home.πŸ’–


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  8. I don’t think you’re living in fear. I think you are making a rational commonsense decision based on the information available. You’re not letting ideology or emotional baggage have an undue influence over behavior, which after all is a choice. Enjoy the summer and the peace of your own backyard. This thing ain’t gonna last forever!
    FYI: I wore the homemade mask my wife made while writing this comment πŸ™‚

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  9. I shelter in place when not at work. I’m in a high risk group, but I chose the career as a public servant and proud of it! I wear my mask, sanitize surfaces and wash my hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.
    Going out is only brave if you are providing a service or taking care of needs! Otherwise you are being self centered and self indulgent.

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