The Cries from Mourning Souls



Dear Readers, 

I have never been nor will I be a supporter of violence. However, I do stand firm on the old saying ” an eye for an eye”. In the King James Bible, we are instructed that, “ whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other..” ( St. Matthew. 5:38). The reaction of the black community after the murder of another African American man, George Floyd, is proof that African American’s have no more cheeks to turn. The news and social media, political leaders, and public opinion are of the belief that African Americans taking to the streets rioting,looting and burning down a precinct should be viewed as acts of vandalism and ignorance. Furthermore, African American’s expressing their anger towards a justice system that defends Caucasian citizens and law enforcement officers thus giving them the leeway to belatedly in cold blood hunt down, and subdue men and women of color for the sole purpose of murdering them. 

People in black communities live in fear as an endangered population because of an invisible target on their backs. We have to question the demented thinking of a race of people who lay claim to being superior and use this as their solitary justification for to committing genocide on the African Americans.  

We have to question living in a modern industrious society, where a black man is forced to consider the consequences of venturing out of his homes, into an atmosphere where he is preyed upon by a white sharp teeth predator looking for its next kill. 

We have to question the Blue Wall of silence that encourages and supports police officers to roam and ravage people in black communities. Why? Because 400 years ago, White America arrived at the conclusion that any person of color is fair game, and that the laws that protect the rights of the white race are deemed NON IN VOID when referring to the rights of African Americans.

We have to question a justice system that is broken, soiled,and corrupt, yet vows that every person who is alleged to have committed a crime is innocent until proven guilty, and has a right to due process…yet the concrete streets in the black and brown communities run red with the blood of innocent victims because New York City Finest has decided that its killing season. 

We have to question a society that justifies burning crosses on the lawns of African Americans, lyching, the use of attack dogs, and blasting water from fire hose into crowds of black people that have the power and force to kill. The continuous rapping of black women during slavery for the purpose of producing more laborers, or to be sold for profit. The brutal beating of black people to the point they are unrecognizable; and  the practice of tying men to the back of trucks dragging them to their death. Deterring slaves from running towards freedom by chopping off an arm or a leg. The bombing of a church in Birmingham Alabama (1963), killing four black girls. The case of the Mississippi burning,  three young men were killed in a small Mississippi town because they wanted to educate people of color in the south about their right to vote. 

The world has watched the video of George Floyd,  down on the ground pleading for his life and crying out for his mother. While a police officer slowly cut off his air, it is reported that the white police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds; and 2 minutes and 53 seconds of that 8 minutes he became unresponsive. It would take a person with a cold, stone heart of Pharaoh not to be affected by watching a person die. 

So, the world sits in judgement as to how African Americans should express their anger and outrage. And while political analysts and media doppelgangers sit scrutinizing the video over and over, the anger of the African American community will continue to boil over. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. in his defense of black people pushing back again laws and a justice system that devalues the lives of African Americans. In his Letter From Birmingham Jail ( 1963),  he said that people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws and to take direct action rather than waiting potentially forever for justice to come through the courts. King writes, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”  

What Say You?

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14 thoughts on “The Cries from Mourning Souls

  1. This whole episode is so unconscionable on so many levels. How could the officer continue the kneeling on neck process when no resistance was shown or was even possible? Why did the other three officers stand by and let this happen? Why were they fired but not kept in custody during the investigation? It would seem some are in the police force for the wrong reasons. They are not upholding the right, they are perpetuating the wrong, but it is not just the police. It is a sad process to talk the talk but never walk the walk and it is happening everywhere. It is no longer enough to be a human. We must all act human. I hope this episode and all the issues can be sorted out. 400 years is much to long to wait and right now with the twit tweeting, it is just getting worse. Stay well. Allan

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  2. I cannot imagine the pain and the fear. What I can do is send so much love and prayer. What I can do is stand with the black community. What I can do is say this is not okay. Thank you for writing so honestly and for enlightening a heart like mine. While I will never be able to truly comprehend the hardship, I can tell you that you are loved and seen. You are supported. ❤

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  3. This is a controversial issue that will remain as such until the plausible deniability is acknowledged for what it is…DENIAL! What I mean is there is a system that has existed and continues to exist that has been set up to oppress the minority. Sadly enough it was on the backs of the minority which this country was built. The system DOES NOT acknowledge this. It is the same system that took away the “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY” that if we are going to be honest NEVER existed from the same class of individuals who built this country…The system DOES NOT acknowledge this. Moving on what history has taught is that this subject is about THE SYSTEM and those who are privileged enough to continuously reap the benefits of the same system. Until this is acknowledged for what it is….There can be no talks of peace, justice or equality because for this to happen there has to be an admittance to the KNOWN IGNORANCE that given cause for the PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY!

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