Recovery Day

Dear Readers, 

Recovery day, some people advise taking a self care day. My question to you is do you take time to create a structured recovery day? While you’re thinking about the answer, bear in mind that some people become deeply caught up in the “ Grind” that they lose focus and the drive to create a good self care plan for them and family.  

Recovery day is an entire day off from physical and mental work. I am thankful that I live alone and my peace on recovery days is not disturb. Even if you live at home with family, think about introducing recovery day, especially if there are children in the home. Teaching children how to have a recovery day or down time will be helpful to their emotional and mental well-being, children will understand how to enjoy quiet time at home. Most homes are filled with  noise, chaos, 24 hours TV watching, video games, social media, babies crying, children running, playing, and fighting, and no one is paying attention to how all of this chaos and noise is affecting them emotionally and mentally.  

I am talking from experience. Growing up as a child privacy and quiet time was not taught it was frowned upon. My parents’ attitude was I lived in their house and should abide by their rules, so staying in my room for private or quiet time was viewed as being defiant. When I became an adult and started living on my own I began to understand the importance of developing good habits of structuring recovery days. 

 My rules for recovery day

  1. No house cleaning 
  2. Sleep late or just rest in bed
  3. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water
  4. No checking social media, emails, or long phone conversations 
  5. Think about the week ahead and plan 
  6. If you have children limit watching television, read or play board games 
  7. Have a family meal and talk
  8. Connect with self wash your hair, give a self manicure and rub your feet 
  9. If the weather permits take a walk

 Recovery day should end either by making popcorn and watching a good movie or continue reading that book you want to finish, and go to bed early time.  

Thank to for stopping by dragthepen.

8 thoughts on “Recovery Day

  1. You’ve read my mind J.R. as this week I plan to incorporate a recovery day. Recently got quite bogged down with housework which really is never ending but now I am relatively ‘on top’ and today I have eventually caught up with my journaling practice and dipping into The Reader so recovery day here I come!!!

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  2. I’ve recently incorporated a recovery day of sorts…again. You probably remember my carefree Saturdays. Now, it’s on Sunday…do my Sunday Inspiration, then I’m gone for the rest of the day. No news, no chores, just relax…if I feel like doing it, I do. If not, it can wait til tomorrow.
    I’ve also implemented other stuff, like no news after 9 am throughout the week, and try to get what I need to get done in the am, as it gets too hot to do anything in the pm.
    My mom was a stickler for quiet time…she preferred us taking a nap, but was ok with reading, as long as we were quiet and resting. I have also done this with my son…even when he was young, he didn’t need my constant attention. He learned to do things for himself. He learned real quick not to utter the words “I’m bored.” 🙂

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