Together Saving the World

5 thoughts on “Together Saving the World

  1. Hi, I am a privileged educated white male. I totally agree that we are ALL victimized by racism, and worse, by the entire capitalistic system that has enforced poverty, and classism. Let’s all rise up and register black, brown, red, yellow, and whites, to vote and get the fascists, white supremacists, alt-rightists. and those who Trump pulled out from under the rocks out of positions of power, and disarmed.
    Both Black and White and everyone in between are brothers and sisters.
    Thank you, dragthepen. Dr. Bob

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  2. This is so powerful and inspiring! I truly hope this movement continues to spread so that no one can turn their heads as if it is not their problem as well. When a society wrongs one person or group of people, it wrongs all of itself as well.

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