The Hate You Give, not the movie

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Hate, an intense or passionate dislike for a thing or person

Hate has always existed since the beginning of civilization began the struggle for group A to dominate group B. Even though group B is stronger in population, however, it is the resources that group A has in their procession that helps them to suppress group B, making them seem like the weaker group and deemed less qualified for basic human needs. 

Some people claim that this current atmosphere of HATE is caused by our 45th President. There is no denying that #45 has made his position clear how he feels about immigrants and people of color. His desire to “Make American Great Again” is a vision and mission for the white race, the wealthy, and  the elite. Our 45th President boldly verbalize what many people like him believe , but they are crowds and hide behind #45 who has the guts to be honest. Regardless to whether we the people feel #45 ideology is wrong and he is destroying this nation, and he isn’t bothered by the HATERS. 

HATE was here long before #45 was elected President, and there is no denying since this administration has taken office there has been an increase in racial tension. The swell in anger and protests is due to political leaders who claim to be knee deep in the fight against the corona virus and overseeing the economy. They claim to have no time to commit to working with leaders in the black community to engage in conversation about change and helping to create new policies that can help solve this dividing race line, W. E. B. Dubois referred to this as “… the color line.”

Political Leaders’ failure to acknowledge that there is a problem based on their viewpoint that it’s not that black lives don’t matter, it is the issues that challenge the black community that don’t matter. Police brutality, racial profiling, stop and frisk, segregated schools and neighborhoods, class status, increased incarceration of black and brown men and women, low wages, housing discrimination, double standards in healthcare and due process. This is a short end of a long list of problems that have manifested this fog of HATE.

I know that it’s going to take more than just talking and nothing is going to be solved overnight. It’s going to take honest men to stand up and admit that the only way to HEAL the land is for them to admit there is a problem, that  they are a part of the problem, and be bold enough to be a big part of the solution to stop the HATE. 

Chants at corner of 5th and Pike St during the Black Lives Matter protest, in Seattle, WA, Friday, Nov. 27, 2015.
(Alan Berner / The Seattle Times)

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10 thoughts on “The Hate You Give, not the movie

  1. As long as governments deal with suppressing rioting with over zealous force and do nothing to address the root cause of the rioting, in fact exacerbating it by lies and misdeeds, as well as photo ops, it will not stop. Not to mention that many of the rioters seem to be being urged to attend from other cities. It is time for a return to civility, truth, meaningful dialogue and empathy, a tough feat for a psychopathic narcissist for sure. My fingers are crossed that the right decision is made on November 3, whatever that is. Please vote, everyone, but be informed from numerous sources, before voting. Good luck.

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  2. Yup, it’s going to take honest men, and it’s going to take people looking at their own long-held beliefs, which work for them because the system works for them. For them to admit that there really is not “plenty of opportunity for everyone, black or white,” and “no discrimination today” is difficult, because they don’t want to admit having benefited from a system in which others really could not get the same resources that they got.

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  3. It is important that we do not return hate for hate. In the Christian world, it was “Turn the other cheek.” In the Jewish world it is, “Live God”. (not so different). One of the key values taught in the Jewish world, is humility. That does not mean getting stepped on. It does mean, No more than my place, no LESS than my space.
    Black Lives Matter. Dr. Bob

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  4. Yes, hate has been with us for far too long a time. This isn’t even the first time we have had to face it, but because it is facing us and shouting out loud once more, we have another opportunity to respond to it in a way that will hopefully weaken its grip at last.

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  5. What this really comes down to is being in a bad relationship where the government doesn’t admit there is a problem with their behavior. That is what is so frustrating to see. You have to talk through the problems and the feelings that cause the hate.

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