Coffee In Bed

Dear Readers, 

This is one of those days that I am grateful for singlehood. I live in New York City, it’s Saturday, rainy, chilly and cloudy. The small apartment complex I reside in is unusually peaceful. I slept late ( 12 noon). I woke up to my cat, Hamlet angry šŸ˜” cries for food. I decided this is the perfect day to spend in my bedroom. I prepared my coffee tray, grabbed the laptop, bottles of water, and positioned myself in the middle of my bed. 

Oh, the joy of peace, coffee in bed, and living alone affords me the space and quiet time to recover from the wear and tears from the outside world. At 57, I would appreciate a partner who understands how to benefit from quiet time. I’ve experienced marriage once and it didn’t afford me quiet time. I’ve lived with roommates and don’t care to revisit those horror stories. My last relationship two years ago, I was engaged and lived with my fiance for 30 days. I realized it wasn’t going to work. 

He did not understand quiet time. He had big screened Tvs in every room except the bathroom. He woke up making noise, talking, talking, he was 6 feet 2 and had a loud voice. He misunderstood my need for silence as anger, I moved out in a hurry into a roommate situation. It was a spacious apartment, clean and bright. But my roommate a tall handsome man in his 60s and a retired carpenter, was an early riser  7 days a week, and he was VERY noisy. I endured living there for a year, over time he caught onto my need for quiet time and toned down the noise.

Dec 13, 2019, I moved into my own space. The apartment complex has three floors and unfortunately for me I am on the first floor. I have noisy neighbors who walk like beasts. My landlord has done an amazing job of helping to keep the peace, so on the rare days of silence I enjoy coffee in bed and movies. 

After the fiasco with the last relationship, I’ve been paying attention to how I enjoy living something I’ve never done previously. Here’s what I learned. I like being alone 75 percent and the other 25 percent,  I like to cook and entertain friends and family, and after two years of being free,  I don’t want any males in my living space, and there are no plans for dating in the near future. I’ve rediscovered the joys of sleeping alone, the benefits of having my own bathroom, and the delight of coming home to silence.

This has been a great weekend starting with Friday, the weather was amazing, warm, sunny and all the snow has melted. I cooked and cleaned, and  I had a visitor who brought me my first house warming gift, a glass chess set. The food, wine and company was just what I needed to end such a glorious day. So, here I am in the glory of a beautiful, mellow, silent Saturday, now this is what it means by living in the moment.  

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

16 thoughts on “Coffee In Bed

  1. It’s cold and raining here also. I love my peace that why I’m an earlier riser. I get up before my husband and daughter and either fix coffee or tea and enjoy the silence before they wake up. I feel like if I got a divorce I would not get married again because I enjoy my time and I don’t take it for granted anymore. I’m glad that you are having your time. Enjoy your weekend.

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  2. “I moved into my own space.”
    First, Drag, congratulations!
    Second, yes, I so wish that people would learn not to walk like elephants!! Overhead, even my roommate, urgh!
    If westerners all studied Tai Chi, maybe it would help!
    sorry for the rant,
    my sympathies and my congrats again,
    stay safe,

    S. Destinie

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      • Likewise: I suspect that either they have not lived it themselves, or they cannot imagine what it is like to live it.
        Either way, I think/believe/hope that on-going education for both kids and adults, in empathy, via posts like yours, and in critical thinking, in posts like what I share daily, at least help a little bit.
        I hope.
        Take care,

        -S. Dest.

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  3. That made me laugh. Husbands and room mates can be very noisy and how many wives have complained about loud sport and even louder car chase and shoot em up movies! I have been widowed for six months now and though I would love to have him and some of his noise back again I am coping just fine living by myself.

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