The breaking point 💔

Dear Readers, this is what years of dead end relationships have taught me. Making the choice to remain single was a painful choice. I never imaged that I would grow old alone, but I prefer single over the Emotional damage of dysfunction relationship have brought into me life.

so, here is my happy conclusion

I no longer invite men to sleep over because my bed is my scared space. I stopped having house dates, and Netflix chill nights. I require men to call instead of texting me. Date night has to be at a decent time. I no longer except late night calls. I require to be picked up at my door and returned to my residence without the expectation of being asked to come in. I am no longer a wife in waiting as so many women are sitting around waiting for Mr. Right. Done that rode that horse and was thrown to the ground too many times. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. I choose to spend the remaining days of my life making myself priority number 1, focus on my spiritual growth, and getting close to my grandchildren. Deeply thankful that relationships with men are no longer an🥂 intrusion in my life.

Thank you for stopping by dragthepen ❤️

10 thoughts on “The breaking point 💔

  1. Wow, I can totally relate. I’m in the same space recently explaining to my adult children that I don’t want or need a man and all that’s comes with one. I am happier being at piece by myself & in my own space. I no longer want to cook for anyone or be responsible for anyone, lol. Blessings!!

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  2. Its really a hard decision you made but I’m you pulled through it. A bad marriage is worse than no marriage and a bad husband is far worse than no husband. Just keep up with sharing the love with your children and grandchildren.
    Lovely post❤

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