What 1 man had to say

Dear Readers,

During a conversation with a male friend about relationships, he enlightened me about the reasons why women of color are experiencing difficultly finding a partner. He claims that most women of color lack three important quailites.

  1. Women of color are not fit ( meaning we don’t take care of out bodies according to the standards of the male gaze).
  2. Women of color don’t believe in submission ( meaning they don’t believe in a man having control over their lives and that women only care about themselves rather than foucsing on the needs of their man).
  3. Finally, women of color are not friendly ( meaning we don’t smile. Example, if a brother ask a sister to smile the response is usually ” I don’t have to smile” making her unfriendly and approachable).

He continued to say that men are not attracted to women who are aggressive and masculine, instead they want women who are feminine and submissive. I listened as he educated me about conceited women of color with bad attitudes, fluanting their independence, and willingness to live life, and not settle for less than what they feel they deserve, often setting standards on a level that is unachievable for most men.

My phone rang and I was happy for the excuse to escape the conversation. It’s not that I don’t think that there might be some truth about what he said, but I couldn’t help thinking, why is the burden always placed on women?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what you have to say.

Thank you for stopping by dragthepen ❤️

16 thoughts on “What 1 man had to say

  1. This sounds like me for the most part & I’m actually proud, lol. I happen to know what I want as well as what I will not tolerate. I’m perfectly happy and content being single. While we all need help at some point, I don’t necessarily “need” a man. Ironically, I still get along great w/ all the exes, some have remained constant friends and advisors for 30 plus years. lets get a conversation going about this ladies (smiles).

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  2. That guy was a jerk and is not fit to give advice to rocks on the ground. I tell you, if he find such a timid, doormat of a woman he will treat her like dirt. Men do not respect weak women. That’s pure. bologna. He’s talking out of the lower orifice..

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      • There isn’t a person on earth who have not been hurt by someone at some point in their life but that doesn’t make it ok to insult every one of that particular gender or race.

        You learn from your mistakes and move on.
        Some people go after the wrong type of people and then blame everyone else because they got hurt. Too many men pull after the woman who is not going to make anyone a reliable partner and then wonders why they got hurt?

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  3. No real man is afraid of a confident woman. I think your friend was talking about his personal preferences and was making generalizations about one identifiable group. No one group should be labelled as all being the same. Glad you had the chance to escape the conversation. Stay well. Allan

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