I do.

Dear Readers,

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Is it wrong for a woman to propose to a man and does it make them desperate? This is a topic I will be discussing on my YouTube channel, Conversations with J. R. Floyd,….stay tune.

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “I do.

    • People keep saying times have changed, but I don’t think a woman should ask a man to marry her. It’s only my opinion, but if he wants a wife then he would ask. I would never ask a man to marry me no matter how much I care for him.


  1. Every situation is different. A couple should have developed a good deal of understanding and communication before this issue comes up. I was at a pool party once where a man publicly proposed to a woman. She accepted his proposal in order not to embarrass him but privately told him “no” shortly afterward. I think most people have talked, at least hypothetically, about marriage prior to a proposal. The couple at the pool party clearly was not on the same page. Hope he could return the ring!

    Have a great day, JR! ❤

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