Road Warriors part 2

Hello, fellow bloggers. I am back home in the Big Apple 🍎 the starting point of my drive across country. This was my first time on such a journey, and my bucket list attempt to visit all 50 states, this far I can check off 22 states, including the current one for the his year 2021( New Jersey, PA., Ohio, Indiana,, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minasota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Navada, Las Vegas, Los Angeles). While on the road I took notes and have gained useful knowledge for my next tour across America, that I am hoping will take place next year Summer of 2022.
What this Road Trip taught me.

  1. Research, I didn’t do much research on my own I left that up to my driving partner. Next time around I am pouring myself into doing my own research, and asking questions. I am joining groups that chat and blog about their experience driving cross country. On our next adventure we are hoping to cover the southern states in a camper van, cutting down on eating on the road, and hotel cost.
  2. Be prepared for the unexpected. We stayed in motels, some where fairly reasonable ( between$ 65- 80) depending on the state. What we discovered was the motels around major tourists sites like, Mountain Rushmore were extremely expensive.The night we pulled into town we had just driven between 400- 500 miles, and my sweet road warrior need to get off the road. Our mistake we didn’t plan ahead, by selecting the sites, and pricing the hotels ahead of time. For this reason for our next journey we are preparing to put the money into a camper van, instead of hotels. ( Talked to a lot of people who were traveling by RV and Campers they were extremely helpful).
  3. This being our first experience with driving cross country, we barely made it on the money we saved. It’s a good thing that I packed a cooler, brought a case of water and Gatorade, stopped at family dollar and loaded up on snacks. We were lucky to find a few places on the road that made great sandwiches for $4.00. Since we are not big meat eaters, at night inside our hotel I made fresh salads, sandwiches and fruit salads. We ate at diners, ( we were surprised by the low prices), we never ate fasts foods, and thank goodness for Dennys $4.00 breakfast, Golden Corrall and for free breakfast at a few motels.
  4. Next trip there will be extra cash on hand, for the unexpected, and to pay for parking and site fees. No use of credit cards, which I did not use, but my driving partner was in charge of gas he used his credit card. I traveled with a prepaid visa/ debit card and it worked out great, and I will suggest this to him to do the same.
  5. For our next adventure we will map out and study each route, where and when to stop, what time, and how many miles to travel. More research on where the camp grounds are located, and how far are the sites we want to visit, parking cost, sites admission fees, estimated gas cost.

Our second drive across country will be our last, the goal is to cover at least 5-6 states.

I loved our first adventure, but the next time around we will be better prepared. If anyone has any advice to share please do so it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by dragthepen and joining us on our first road warrior trip.

My road warrior

8 thoughts on “Road Warriors part 2

  1. How fun! That’s amazing that you’ve been able to see all those states. Thanks for sharing the helpful tips, too. Having an RV will be nice. Plus you can pack your own foods to save even more money. 🙂

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  2. Yes, traveling across the country can be expensive. I find it’s better done at a cooler time of the year. Things are cheaper. The closer a hotel is to a main attraction it is always higher. It doesn’t necessarily means better. 🙂 Try it again and push for more states. It’d fun. 🙂

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