Hello America. Did we jump back in too soon?

I get it. Being on lockdown for the past 16 months wasn’t an easy task.The cry to get back some normancy was heard from the four corners of the earth. Now that a third wave threaten to consume us, the question is did we jump back in too soon? The urgency to be released from the bondage of being sheltered in place and the need for social distancing has taken its toll. People have let their guards down due to the mental and emotional fatigue brought on by this pandemic. Is the worst to come now that the Delta Variant has reared it ugly head? I ventured out today covering a three mile stretch of one of my favorite places, the Hudson River Park.

I observed people enjoying the great outdoors, happy to be free from the burden of uncertainty. Don’t get me wrong I know they understand that we are still under the grips of this invisible killer. I really don’t think people, at least New Yorkers have a dead wish. For the hundreds of joggers, walkers, tennis and basketball players; and the individuals, couples and groups who paused for a picnic, yoga, mediation or to simply sit by the water and watch the waves to remember how life was before the pandemic.

My hope is that everyone do all that we can collectively to slow down the spread, get vaccinated, and go back to wearing mask. We can not afford to overwhelm our healthcare professionals, haven’t we had enough of waiting each day to hear the count of the death toll?

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8 thoughts on “Hello America. Did we jump back in too soon?

  1. Had the vaccination rate been higher, it would not have been too soon. Now, this is the disease of the unvaccinated. Choices have consequences, some of them not so nice, but we will all pay the price. Stay safe and stay well. Allan

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  2. I agree JR. Thank you for recently liking my post with photos on my revisiting Liverpool.
    Just yesterday when posting the photos I realised what a big adjustment I have made after, apart from one visit to a neighbouring town 10k from where I live, to adapt to a large city.
    Compared to my home town, people here have certainly let their guard down.
    I intend to continue using safe Covid precautions whether or no.
    I return home in two days time and intend to add a commentary to any remaining photos.
    Take care ❤️🙏

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  3. I agree with you. I got vaccinated and wear a mask to stop spread. It is sad to often see people who just care about themselves. We need to respect each other, not just themselves. For this situation, we just need understanding from right source and proper action. Thank you for sharing.

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