It Made a Difference

This weekend while keeping watch on hurricane Henri, I had the pleasure of staying with my bestfriend and his mother for three days.We cooked, played music and card games, watched movies and took random naps.

I’ve lived alone for twenty-four years, and enjoy my peace, space, alone time, and having my own bathroom. Living with people has been a difficult experience either I find others to be noisy, sloppy, and they have too many guest over. When I was dating I felt uncomfortable when my boo asked to sleep over. I couldn’t wait for him to leave to change the sheets, clean the bathroom, open the windows letting fresh air in, thus returning the house back to it’s normal state.

On occasions I don’t mind cooking and inviting family and friends over. The truth is I thought that I had adjusted to being alone because it made life easier. Lately, I’ve been feeling the need for companionship, and decided to look into adopting a small dog. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve learned from my three day stay at my BFF’ house.

I think It’s time to find someone compatible to live with, I don’t believe in the theory that opposites attract. I don’t desire to live alone into my golden years, because being alone into old age means no one to share meals with or talk about our day, share dreams and accomplish goals together. There is no laugher, hugs, shared chores, or someone to hurry home to.

To achieve my goal of filling my house with the joys of happily ever after; I first have to overcome my fear of dating.The burden of my past trumatic relationships that hinders me from getting back into the dating game. Some men want to move too fast or they’re looking for intimacy without a desire for a long term committed relationship.

My three day stay reminded me of how happy, loving and warm a home can be when the rights souls occupy it.

9 thoughts on “It Made a Difference

  1. Wow, this post resonates in many ways. I feel guilty when my boyfriend wants to spend the night because I can’t wait for him to go home & it’s not him, just me set iny ways. This is my first time living alone (2.5 yrs) & been thinking about a service dog, but don’t want to take care of anything or anyone. Good to know I’m not totally alone w/ my thoughts, thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi. I was surprised to find out how many women felt the same about being uncomfortable sharing their space when a boo asked to sleep over. In the future I won’t be having anyone sleeping at my place. If I desire I will sleep over at his place. Get the dog. I can wait to get mine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


      • That’s one reason I love this platform, the sharing & sleeping at his place isn’t an option because when I’m out, all I think about is getting back home, lol. People think I’m ocd, no I just enjoy cleanliness & organization to relax. Have a great week ahead.


  2. You would expect that moving in together in your middle sixties after many years of living alone might be a problem. But both of us like our space as well as time together. We have a lot in common, so It has been a fairly easy adjustment, and we are still very happy after 8 years together,

    My sister, on the other hand, has lived by herself for thirty years and likes it that way.

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    • I like to have the best of both worlds. I enjoy my own space but would like to have some that has his own space and understand that we can have a happy and productive relationship with out being together 24/7.

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  3. You said it right there, talking about a happy home – “when the right souls occupy it”. Same can be applied to dating again – Happiness comes along when the right soul is in your company. Just a thought 🙂

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    • I agree. I just released my third book, 90 Days of Reflection, Discovery, and Renewal. I had to really step back and understand how I was blindly allowing the wrong people to enter my life. Almost 4 years of being single and I have learned a lot about myself and the pros and cons of dating. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.❤️


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