They are Least Among us.

newest addition to my family

Dear Readers,

Let’s not show our anger towards the parents who are protesting against children wearing mask 😷 in school or for choosing not to receive the vaccine. Their cry is that government is conspiring to take away our right to choose, and that the political leaders and CDC is using the human race for a New World Order experiment. I am a mother of one and grandmother of three, and I fear for their future. I grow up during an era ( I am a baby boomer) where people trusted that the leaders were during what’s in the best interest of the people. It is frightening in this modern thinking society that because of so much misinformation, abuse of power, racial division, anger, and betrayal, people are willing to sacrifice their lives and the lives of children to make a point.

I not standing on a soap box to persuade anyone to pick a side or to take the vaccine. I made the choice to be vaccinated, and I’m overjoyed that my entire family has chosen to vaccinate themselves against this invisible killer virus. It is my opinion that the Health Care professional and Scientist are doing the best they can with the knowledge that they have to understand how to slow down and eradicate this virus.

This is a dangerous and scary time of uncertainty for our children. Instead of dragging them out into the street to protest against an issue that is effecting millions of people, we need to band together, humble our hearts and minds in prayer, and show compassion. It is the children that need to be protected. As adults our duty is to set examples of good judgement, model moral behavior and teach our children the benefits of good values.Their lives are precious.They are our future. We need to show support for the teachers, students, school staff, and bus drivers. Our children desire to continue to aquire their education in a safe environment. We need to show the same respect to our a Health Care Workers, where would we be without their scarifice and dedication remember they have families.

Lastly, this virus knows no respect of person regardless of age, race, income, or soical or political status. We are in this together.

My youngest sister and her adorable boys

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