children can’t be children anymore

Dear Readers,

Remember back in the day when streets were safe for children to frolic and play?
The sounds of laughter, jumping rope, playing tag, hopscotch or jacks. The days when children constructed club houses out of large cardboard boxes and built race carts from materials found around their neighborhoods. Friendly winter snow ball fights, rolling around in hills of leaves in the fall, and sitting outside on warm summers nights.

Lemonade stands, hot dogs, baking cookies, family picnics, community softball games, and dance socials. I remember what a childs birthday party was celebrated by an entire community, and block parties were consider the social event of the summer. One of my greatest childhood memories is my father’s love for the beach. During the summer my family split our time between the beach and the country learning about nature and fishing with my dad. I loved and enjoyed the freedom of my childhood.


What has happened to the rite of passage of childhood, the innocence of their smiles and the heart felt joy of childish giggles? Today’s generation is asked to mature too fast they are rushed to take on the tasks and role of an adult when they are not emotionally ready to make adult descions?

I see children’s daily schedules jammed with activities and I wonder if these over active children have time to just be a kid? My heart goes out to the children who are trapped between over achieving parents, who set expectations beyond their childs abilities.Tiger Moms pushing their daughter’s into beauty pageants in hopes of their princess becoming the next Ms. America. Fathers priming their sons to become sports jocks teaching them that real men are fearless, in control if their emotions and aggressive. All it takes is a scroll through social media to see teenage girls pimped out and fluffed up to look like fully mature women. Young men sagging pants, tattoos, sporting a hard core thug appearance. Society is overrun with underage single mothers and fathers trying to imitate playing house.

The new play ground is hanging out at the Mall, young people living their lives attached to phones, ipads and soical media, their immediate concern is having the lastest name brand clothes, electronics, and hanging out with family is corny and boring. Television show marketed to children are becoming increasingly violent and sexual even the Disney Channel has gone rogue. This generations values and morals are different and planning for the future is something that old people do.

I could go on and on but I think at this point you get the message.

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13 thoughts on “children can’t be children anymore

  1. Such a valid and important post. I miss those days and this reminds me of one of my earlier posts “A Moment in Time” regarding the freedoms my brother and I had playing outside as children, that would now be dangerous for my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. So sad J.R. I think I was working as A Health Visitor visiting children aged 0-5years when the princess concept arrived and on a couple of occasions I did try to dissuade mothers from sounding proud to describe their young child as looking sexy. Hey ho!

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  3. The oversexualization o children just seems weird to me. Beauty pageants for 5 year-olds, make up on pre-teens and tweens and emulating celebrities are so phony. Whatever happened to being a child and wanting to be just like Mom and Dad. Being proud of a child’s accomplishments is much better than being proud of their sexy look. Stay well. Allan

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. For some children wanting to be like mom or dad is boring. I am thankful for the opportunity to be raised by great family role models. Today’s generation is influencers lack positive values.

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  4. I resonate with your thinking. Being over-scheduled is bad for our kids and can hamper the development of emotional and social maturity. There is actually a lot of research which also shows we need free time to develop creativity, and to learn to think for ourselves. Yes, it is fun to have after school activities but there comes a point where it become counter-productive, both intellectually and socially.

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