The Cherished Second Chance

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Dear Readers, by now the world has become desensitized by  personal stories of lives that’s been effected by the pandemic. I felt the need to share my friends story as an example of how people can easily be influenced by misleading information and the opinions of others.

My friend who I will called Dawn was a beautiful, funny, intelligent, energetic, creative person. Noticed I said was. Her  life was destroyed by the Corona virus. Dawn’s fiance has strong opions about the virus being a hoax. Dawn allowed herself to be influenced by his theory he convinced her that submitting to wear a mask shows weakness. Needless to say she contracted the virus and was hospitalized during the second wave. She struggles through for 42 days, loosing 25 pounds, suffered weakened muscles from being in bed, lost her beautiful red hair, and she presently doesn’t have a sense of taste. She describes her experience as being in the twilight zone.

She lost her much beloved job as a buyer for Nordstrom, a position that took her five years to earn. She is a fashioneaster and working in retail was her passion. After her release from the hospital she returned to her parents home in Delware. My friend continues to suffer  from some medical effects from the virus. She left the fiance and is doing her best to rebuild her life. We don’t talk about the what and why because in her words she is thankful to be alive and have family and good friends to support her during this difficult period of her life.

I am happy to say, Dawn is progressing well. She is working part time customer service for The Pottery Barn. She joined a gym to continue to regain her strength. She decided to remain in Delaware surrounded around her family. She holds no bitterness towards her ex, as she says, she made choices and didn’t think about conquences even thought death was all around her. There is no need to relive the past, She is thankful to have a second Chance. 

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