The Cost of A Life

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The unjust attitude of Landlords ( slumlords) or LLC companies that hoard real-estate in New York City, should be rendered unconstitutional.These greedy and heartless proprty owners target low income people from under served communities such as,  immigrants, single parent household, people of color, low income wage earners, and many more marginalized groups who live in fear of being homeless. The majority of these groups do not under the housing laws or that their basic human rights are being valided, thus becoming victims used by Landlords as a means to an end.

The principal standard used to be that once a tenant and Landlord enter into an agreement, he/she is bound by the contract of the lease to render basic services such as, repairs, heat and hot water, safe electricity, and to maintain a clean environment free of rodiants. However, overtime a lease agreement has become a useless piece of paper and housing court tend to defend Landlords over the rights of tenants. Furthermore, as the immigrate population increases this gave way for Landlords and property management companies to rent illegal apartments, to practice rent gouging, and use intimidation to  trap undocumented and low wage earners into living in horrible conditions. People are afraid to call heating hot lines to complaint or to withhold rent because of lack of repairs in fear of eviction or being reported to immigration.

We see news reports about slumlords who fail to make repairs or who are notorious for not supplying tenants with heat and hot water. The most recent tragedy in New York City, on January 8, 2022, 17 people died due to a fire caused by families using space heaters to stay warm. This situation was complicated by the fact that the building did not have smoke detectors or proper fire doors that would have kept people safe until help arrived. The publics opinion is to judge the less fortunate by reversing blame because these victims should be able to live in better housing. Well, naysayers, let’s be realistic not everyone can live the promised luxury of the American Dream, and not everyone can afford a house, condo or to live in an upscale neighborhood.

It is the duty of our American system to keep a certain class of people from improving the quality of their lives. Our political leaders accomplish this by keeping wages low, corporate take over of the farming industry keeps food prices high, increase rate in utility services, high cost of public transportation, high rents, and  the lack of low income housing. The government believes that there is no profit in developing affordable housing. The American way of thinking is that only a privileged few deserves to enjoy basic amenities such as shelter and food.

Regardless to the fact that some of the most dangerous fires caused by property owners neglect there hasn’t been a single person held accountable. I’ve experienced living without heat because the home owner didn’t want to pay the cost of heating. But, they expect rent on time each month. I am heading towards retirement and ridding myself of Landlords by building a tiny house. I am lucky that I can afford to build my dream home, but I am just one person. When I lay down at night in the comfort of my warm clean apartment free of rodiants, I whisper a prayer asking God to help the people who are not as fortunate as I.

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14 thoughts on “The Cost of A Life

    • Absolutely the truth. Most building in New York City have oytdated plumbing and electric systems, In addition to the fact that the law states a Landlords is subjected to painting each unit every three years, but this doesn’t happen. The rents are out if control and nothing is being done to help low income families.

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      • I have noticed not only does NYC have outdated building but many other places in the state do too. So many buildings have mold contamination problems.
        In most cities these building would be condemned. I say the people move away. Move to a place where you can get more for your money. I don’t know the tenants situations as to why they remain in the city that cares nothing for their plight. But I would take my rent money and move since the landlord doesn’t appreciate them.

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      • I’m not tenant blaming for like I said I don’t know any of these people’s situations and I was deeply sadden all those people lost their lives.
        I don’t know about the recent New York City job market in offering the most opportunity as far as jobs. I haven’t been there recently. I’ve lived everywhere from LA to Seattle. From Atlanta to Chicago. From Chicago to NYC and the jobs are not easier acquired in NYC than in any other major city. I think it’s more so a status symbol thing than a job market thing. Some cities which aren’t so overcrowded give a person more help in settling and finding a job than NYC. I believe in living where ever acts like it loves me. 🙂

        $3,408 is a house mortgage kind of payment.

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  1. JR, this is a dismal situation! I am sorry for the people who are suffering in substandard conditions and dying because of unsafe buildings. I am glad your apartment is comfortable and safe. I hope you get the house of your dreams when you retire! ❤

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  2. It is indeed a very sad situation. It’s heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’m excited for you to be building a tiny house! I’m so fascinated with tiny homes and the freedom it provides. Society has gotten out of control w/the prices of rent and mortgages, gas, food…all kinds of ridiculousness! My desire is to build a tiny house too. I would love to have the money to purchase land and allow others to bring their tiny houses and create a beautiful community.

    I’ve been following you on your blog for over two years now. I’m impressed with your consistency. I would love to do what you’re doing but I’m stuck. Keep doing what you’re doing, you keep me encouraged.

    Take care.

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    • First, thank you for your support. I am honored. Secondly, I encourage you to build the tiny house. I am determined to live peacefully in my own home. I have been terrorized by selfish greedy Landlords and horrible noise making tenants. I am presently back in university to complete my Masters and transitioning to a new career to increase my salary. It’s should be a right to have descent living condition regardless of race and income level. I am so disappointed with this government and the way the lower class and working class are treated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

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