12 thoughts on “We Must Get to the Root of the Problem

  1. JR, I just listened to what you had to say about the continued travesty of mass shootings. It boils down to society and we need to start with society that allows this to happen. I believe mental health, gun control, the entire list of social inequities and so much more that needs to be addressed. The “anti” this and that, the negative direction of our country and politics, the lack of a social network that catch the mental illness, and so much more needs to be addressed and changes made (and this all falls on each and every one of us)! You have hit a lot of the root causes! I thank you for this!

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  3. We all tend to model what we see. If we see negativity in our society, politics and businesses, we think that must be normal. All too often politicians of all stripes use the words “fight for this:, fight for that”. Then there is the rhetoric, “right wing nutjob” and “left wing communist”. When we stop labelling people by anything other than their name, we humanize society. People and politicians need to cooperate, not force their will and beliefs on anybody. Lastly, we all need to remember “with rights come responsibilities” and “your rights and freedoms are only your rights and freedoms, if they do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others. Allan

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  4. You are so right. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions on a very important tragic, horrifying event that should not be happening yet allowed to go on because the root of the problems remains unaddressed and the measures to prevent another massacre are weak if not non-existent. Politics and personal selfishness drowns the victims and their family’s cry for justice. We are seeing so many sensational pictures yet, at the end, nothing will be done to prevent another school shooting massacre. As a parent, I am outraged and I’m sure it’s what all parents are feeling. Americans should work together to put end to the regular mass killings of its children and the innocent. It’s a shame and a tragedy if we can’t. Thanks for speaking out the truth many are too scared to speak out.


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