Word Wall

Accountable, Conscience, Consequences, Desensitized, Extreme, Immoral, Irresponsible, Hopeless, Shame, Outrage, Untamed, Worthless, Value, Violence, 

Dear Readers,

Society is shaking its collective heads in shame towards young people due to their extreme and out of control behavior. I keep asking where’s the village? Young children, teens, and young adults are running loose untamed feeling hopeless and what do the adults do tell them that they are worthless and irresponsible.

The youth of today are not held responsible for their unjust behavior, and they live life without value, lacking conscience committing acts of violence, young people have become desensitized to the consequences of their immoral behavior. 

People say” the power of life and death is in the tongue.” I say, “the power of life and death is in our hearts and minds.” It’s not enough to express outrage over the death of Shanquella Robinson, offer prayers then go back to business as usual. We need to go back to teaching value, morals, and self-respect in the homes, schools, and churches. Our young people need positive role models and leaders to help them understand that they are their brother and sisters’ keepers. 

Shanquella Robinson can’t REST IN PEACE because their heartless and violent manner that her life was taken from, bring her Killers to justice and then maybe her Soul can rest.

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4 thoughts on “Word Wall

  1. You are right. In the “olden” days, other parents would watch out for the neighbourhood kids. Now, you don’t dare. If you say something or look the wrong way, you become the target of the kids or their parents. Hope all is well. Allan

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  2. You are 1000% correct on this. I have taught and continue to teach my children about the company that they keep. I have taught their friends many lessons as well. So many parents turn a blind eye because they want their children as friends. I’m not your friend I’m your parent.

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