Let’s Have that Conversation.

Dear Readers

A few words from Dragthepen

What do you do when you’re feeling sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, hopeless, depressed, lonely, heartbroken, grieving through emotional brokenness, confusion, and experiencing crying spells? Sounds Familiar? 

I have news for you: these are human emotions and it’s ok for you to take time to work through them. What’s not ok is abusing others because you’re in pain. May I suggest that you take a moment to breathe, reflect, and add Self Care during your temporary moment of emotional or mental breakdown. 

Stop being hard on yourself and understand that you’re doing the best you can with what you have. Oh, by the way, do not allow others to tell you that “you’re strong and you can make it through” these are words that people who are struggling through a temporary breakdown do not need to hear. What they need is s nonjudgmental shoulder to cry, a good listener, space, and some quiet time.   



3 thoughts on “Let’s Have that Conversation.

  1. As I’m aging all the slowdowns ,increased difficulties, limitations and illnesses can be very demoralizing. I try not to sink into hopelessness. Remain clean and sober. Some things just don’t get done and people don’t understand why. Live alone. It is frightening because there are serious consequences “when things don’t get done.” I am in much better shape than most of my peers in age but I don’t ever want to sink into that “I’ll welcome death for the relief” despair.

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    • Wow. I have not lived through your experiences, but I can relate. I started drinking at a young age and sobered up its been over 20 years.I changed ny life by working hard and getting an education, but it seems not as important as having my own family. I am almost 60 and living alone since the age of 30 has Been a horrible experience. Knock on wood I have good health and a plan for retirement but I didn’t plan to being alone.

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  2. We have to create a backup network of social group friends. I have a son here in North Carolina, close by but he has his job and 11 year old teen which keeps all his time planned and my daughter in Florida too far away. 8 trips to hospital this summer and fellow 12 Step members helped me. There’s church and my fraternal lodge but all those folks are 500 years older than me so no help there. The kep is not to leave ourselves devoid of some assistance.

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