About the Author

In 2016, I embarked on a journey to explore the world of creative writing and a funny thing happened, I discovered that I have a flair for telling stories. My journey has been awesome to say the least. I have self-published two short novels, The Waiting Game, a memoir of my struggles with relationship myths and how these myths can be damaging to women’s self-esteemThe second novel, A Different Flavor of Love, the journey about Desiree Hancock, a young single mother searching for true love. She discovers that sometimes love can be found in unexpected places. My most recent project, my YouTube channel, Conversations with J. R. Floyd is dedicated to exploring relationships and the lack of moral values in today’s society. This has been an amazing journey of reflection, self-discovery and renewal. I have arrived at an awareness of talents that pushed me to take risks and step outside of limitations to understand that I am capable of so much more then settling for the status quo. I am introducing myself to the world as a new author, blogger and talk show host. My mission is to take my readers and viewers on a journey of discovering life beyond borders. Each month I will share whats new in the world of J. R. and offer some tidbits of knowledge, recommend some great reads on healthy life style choices, and share with you my latest relationship topic on Conversations with J. R. Floyd, live every Thursdays @ 8pm on Facebook. In the meantime, I encourage you to purchase one of my books available on Amazon. The wait is over the choice is yours. Let’s have a conversation.

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