America Feels Great Again!!!!

Hello, Dear Readers, welcome to Drathepens’ last post for 2020. We are fast approaching the holiday season, and the much anticipated end of 2020. First, thanks to everyone who has supported me either by purchasing one of my books, subscribing to my YouTube channel, or tuning into my live Facebook discussions. I am ending this year with positive thoughts. Yes, I feel that there is something that has been gained and learned from all the chaos of 2020. People are pushing forward in hope that 2021 will bring back some normality. I encourage you to move forward, and think about what you have learned from life in 2020

Think about all that you have survived and thought that you weren’t able to live a life being sheltered in place, but you did. This holiday season is especially meaningful, as a nation we have been through enormous  turmoil, so we need more than ever the traditional feelings of the warmth, belonging, love and togetherness that represents a time of slowing down and being festive. This holiday season is going to be different, we should  continue to be safe, and mindful of the people who are less fortunate, make a few extra plates and deliver them to people in your community. Don’t throw away leftovers, instead, put them in take out plates and go out and feed the homeless. 

What is this season going to mean to you? Is it about fighting for black friday deals, over on gifts when you should be thinking about saving for the uncertainty of the future? Tis the season to have more sit down meals using the connection of technology. I know that I am grateful for all the zoom happy hours and zoom check-ins.  

Before I go I like to address the celebration of President Elect Joe Biden & VP Elect Harris. To the naysayers and the religious holy rollers lay off the people who choose to celebrate. This nation has been in darkness for 4 years and 2020 delivered us a few devastating blows. Where is your conscience, sympathy, and compassion. Have you been paying attention? The people understand that we can live together in peace and harmony than in hate and division. This country is united again by the power of voting. The naysayers and the holy rollers are trying to cast a dark shadow on a moment that allows people to see light and feel hopeful. For the people who feel that only people of color felt the pains of racism, financial depression, unemployment, eviction and death from the coronavirus think again. Do you see the celebrations there are various races, groups,  religions, and ages out there voting and hoping. “ For American To Feel Great Again.”

We have a long way to go for recovery and it’s not going to be easy, let’s stay, hopeful, and united in love. Don’t turn your backs on this new administration if you feel that they are not working as fast as you think they should. They are faced with a serious train wreck. Let’s move forward to a new beginning and change. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a beautiful, bright New Year.

Thank you from Drathepen

The Needs of the American people

Name calling, finger-pointing, what happened way back when, your spouse shady past, I will, you won’t, your bad, I’m good, lets play a game of show and tell, smart, dumb, rude, polite, pretend, fake, family values, no values, …………… This sums up what the Presidential election had been like.

We the people deserve to be represented by a President who will not play politics, but understand the seriousness and importance of being elected to a high political postilion means to serve for the common good of the nation. Being  the President should not become a personal agenda, or another notch  on an individuals political belt; nor about making history ( Hillary) and proving that anyone with money ( Trump) can run for president. Our nation is in crisis, we are faced with terrorist attacks, natural disasters, homelessness, high unemployment, racism, classim, and war.

Hey, I have an idea, the candidates  should  spend their time and money  coming up with solutions to real life problem then they wouldn’t  have time for the MUG SLINGING.

What Say you?