The Message

Dear Readers,

Take a good look around at the level of dysfunctional  and broken young men and women of this generations and how they are becoming the next generation of  adults that will be unable to establish good relationships.  Why? Because we are not helping to build a solid foundation for them.

Discoveries of a mad Dater: Oh how things have Changed

Baby Boomers dating Etiquette      Versus     Millennial dating Habits

  1. Straight forward ask for a date               Can we hangout?
  2. Picks young lady up from home             He said, ” Meet me there.”
  3. Brings flowers                                            He arrives empty-handed
  4. Nicely dressed                                            His pants are hanging down
  5. Turns his phone off                                  Checks his phone every 30 seconds
  6. Ask permission to kiss                             Grabs her and slobbers
  7. Takes her to a real dance                        He goes to a dark club to grind
  8. Is not assuming sex is to be had            3rd drink means she is ready for sex

What day you?