Why Play Games?

Dear readers,

The Dating game, the Newlywed game, the Bachelorette, and the Bachelor are shows for entertainment. However, relationships in real life are not games, and should not be used for amusement. No one deserves to be played, used or deceived by an individual who believes that dating or the sacred bond of marriage is a game.

Taking people for granted and having a lack of consideration for the emotional and physical investment, not to leave out trust one person puts into establishing a relationship, only  to be fooled by a mean, underhanded, evil partner who is playing a game. I address these issues concerning the damage caused to people, especially, women in my new book, The Waiting Game, by J. R. Floyd, Now Available on Amazon.

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What Say You?

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Things that stay in out Minds

Dear Readers,

I had a flash back when I was a teen about 13 or 14 my father told me the story of creation. His version came from  the book of Genesis. I remember him telling  me that in order for  Gods  creation of the Garden of Eden complete, he ( God) fashioned a man ( Adam) to rule over the Garden of Eden. After a few days God saw that Adam was lonely. He ( God) realized that a man being alone is not ” a good thing.” So, God made a woman ( Eve) to be Adams ” help Mate”  yes, these are the words my father used ” Help Mate, ” not wife, spouse, ball and chain, better half, the little Ms, or any other label society places upon a woman to describe her relationship with a man.


Anyway, I digress, getting back to the point of ” It’s not good for a man to be alone.” So, here we are in the 21 Century and Bachelorhood is celebrated like a rite of passage, among men who deem themselves lucky not to have been caught in the marriage trap. It seems that with the passing of time a man being alone is a good thing. Today’s modern man do not see women  as an equal partner, but as a nag, an inconvenience or a convenience and a burden.

Most men run when women whisper the words, committed relationship, commitment or marriage. To men the idea of spending  their God given  life with one woman freaks then out because it means being monogamous. Wait a minute wasn’t this Gods intentions? One man to one woman, so that no one would be alone. There are plenty of women who desire to be a ” help mate” than men who wish to oblige them. Wow! And God created then first. Hmmmmm…

What say you?