The Price Tag: The Eric Garner Settlement

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The Price Tag

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“Why I question Settlement in Garner Case”. This was William F.B. O’Reilly’s headline in his AMNewYork, column, Thursday July 16, 2015.

In his column Mr. O’ Reilly begins by stating that he isn’t against the settlement. He stated that “No unarmed man should die resisting arrest.” However, he questions the millions and millions of dollars NYC continues to pay out for wrongful death. He also ask “where do these numbers come from?” In other words, how can such a large price be placed on someone’s life, and what message do these settlements send.

My concern is this, why is the amount of money more important than changing  behaviors and attitudes of overzealous and in some cases racist officers who feel that they have the right to use whatever force deemed necessary, when handling situation in the African American communities. Equally important, people of color should not believe that these monetary settlements equal justice served.

What lessons are we learning from these pay outs? What laws are being set in place ensuring that the rights for people of color are properly enforced when dealing with matters of the law? What will be the price of another African American life snuffed out but New York Finest? Furthermore, why is it so easy for the victim’s family to take the money and go quietly into the night?  What message are they conveying while sitting in silence counting their money?


What say you?