Rethinking the Single Life

Dear Readers, 

Is it me or have you noticed that when people are engaged in a relationship, situationship, partnership, marriage, or domestic partnership, that they tend to have a negative view towards individuals who prefer not to be a part of a couple. In other words, they are single, living alone, and not interested in dating. Why, because they have discovered the pleasure of being single. 

People who enjoy the single life style in some people’s opinions are rebelling against the principle that society, family, religion and cultural beliefs set forth that it’s not normal to want to be alone. My son warns me about ” staying alone too long on my island.” Well, let the truth be told, I’ ve had one horrible marriage that resulted in domestic violence. I’ve experienced many relationships that were only bad situationships, and arriving at the age of 57, I’m learning the meaning of a true partnership. 

I used to fear being alone. I was one of those people who had to be around someone and I always had dates lined up. The problem was I did know how to enjoy my own company. I thought the idea of ” being with oneself” or ” enjoy spending time with self” was nonsense. My childhood home was a revolving door of people coming and going. I went from my parents house to my husband’s house. When I got my divorce this stage of my life began the road to relationship after relationships, date night, parties, men sleeping over and on and on. 

A few years ago, I let go of the ideal of finding Mr. Right and challenged myself to find out who I am, and my true passion and purpose. It’s been seven years since I began this journey of self discovery, it hasn’t been easy, but I’ ve liked the knowledge I gained by spending time with ME. I no longer fear being alone. I often have movie night with popcorn and wine. I love watching cooking shows and find myself in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for myself. I like the space and peace of living alone. And currently, I have no desire to go back out into the messy world of dating. 

For the naysayers, here are a few points to think about that single people enjoy. 

1. Single people can sleep late without someone interrupting their rest ( my days off I spend the day in bed).

2. Single people can cook when and what they want or order take out.

3. Living a single lifestyle means your time is your own, and you don’t have to check in with a partner, who is tracking your movements.📱

4. Freedom, single people can leave home when they desire and return when they want.👍

5. Living alone means that a person can arrange their living environment in the manner they like. 

6. Single people can do what they like in their own living space like clean or not to clean.

7. One of the joys of being single, you don’t have to share the bed ( I discovered the joys of sleeping alone).

8. Living alone means that there is no fighting unless you want to fight with yourself 😃

9. Single people can spend their money without a partners nagging objections about spending💰

10. Overall, being single, not dating, spending time with myself, enjoying the freedom of not being responsible for or to another person, a peace of mind, coming home to a clean quiet house has done wonders for my mental and emotional well being. This life isn’t for everyone, but it’s works for me ❤️.

Thank you for reading dragthepen

What say you?

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