Whats Your Game Name?

Dear Readers, What’s your game name now?

Strange question. This is one of the prompts from the ten-day writing challenge. So here is my answer. My brand name is J. R. Floyd and my game is branding myself as a singer, writer, motivational speaker, blogger and Vlogger. This brand name did not come easy, it was given to me for my stage and writing name. I am forever thankful for the person who suggested this name while taping an interview for my first novel, The Waiting Game.  Currently, I am the host of my You Tube Channel, Conversations with J. R. Floyd. I never thought in this life time that I would be where I am now. The plan that I had for myself was to earn my education become a public-school teacher, but this process was delayed I spent three years in a depression and I assumed all hope was lost. I felt doomed to a life that lacked creativity. I watched one by one as people around me were leaving the job for their dream job, their dream life and I remained stuck.

People kept telling me that God had other plans for me. I am struggling to believe this. I am making a major effort to come to terms with my position in life. I have made major progress from what my old game name used to be, a no skills, high school drop out to college educated, writing books, classical singer, and newly motivational speaker. I am still in aww at the new me. Years ago, I lost my confidence. But that doesn’t matter because that use to be my old story with my old game name. I am happy to be J. R. Floyd the creator of stories, the singer, the educator and host of my own You Tube channel, the author of books. Yeah, I like, no I love this new game name.

What say you? What is your game name? Join me on my You Tube Channel, Conversations with J. R. Floyd.photos taken by aahman_-2 - copy