The Challenge of Being a Traditional Wife


Dear Readers, There is a debate that women should  go back to being traditional wives. It’s the thinking of some people that if women go back to being traditional  wives, then this will keep husbands from staying,  they can focus on the children and this will heal the family structure. so, I say if women have think about becoming traditional wives then husbands should do the same. Instead of the husband spending time working to buy a new sport car, expensive watches, shoes   and clothing. Becoming a traditional husband means that you work to take care of your family and to meet all of their needs. You spend quality time with you family, instead of watching sports all day, or going out on the road to hang with you friends  to avoid being home with your wife and children. Being a traditional husband means that men give their pimp daddy, player life style and become a one woman  man.

If men are expecting women to devote all of their time and energy  taking care of the family then they should do like wise.