The American Dream

Dear readers,

Many people never imagined that it would come to this. The naysayers laughed at the announcement of the new immigration laws shaking their heads in disbelief and concluding that it is too late to do anything about the large number of undocumented “Dreamers.” “Dreamers” failed to understand that this government does not play fair. There are many reasons cited by the department of Immigration and Naturalization for taking a tough position towards Dreamers.

  • The leaders of this country argue that the over flow of “illegal immigrants” are over taxing an already burdensome economy. It has been reported that there is a large number of immigrants who receive entitlements more than American born citizens.
  • American people are crying foul they say wages are down and the jobs are few. However, some argue that the culpability of a corrupt system designed to hire cheap labor, in order to keep the poor, poorer, and the rich richer.
  • Last, but not least, the New York City Housing Authority claim that there are many undocumented immigrants adding to an already crowded housing shortage.

Not so long ago when immigrants crossed the shores to come to the United States of these Americas, they pass Lady Liberty, she said, “Give us your tired, your poor….” Now the government seems to have grown tired of their poor.

What Say You?

Oh the Horror!

Dear readers,

It started at the age of 30. I secured my freedom on the road to becoming self-sufficient. The delicious thrill of being on my own, living, thinking and having time for me.


I was married at the age of 24. The first two years was stella. The last four years were like scenes from Dante’s Inferno. At the age of 30 with the help of my family and friends I escaped.


Twenty three years later, four degrees, one self-published novel, three successful seasons singing first Soprano with the New York City Downtown Chorus, and a supporting role in the Christian play “Oh Lord Why did I get Married?”

Hooray you say job well done.

So, why do I feel like a failure? Years of working three-part time jobs to pay for college and to keep a roof over my head. The end results I haven’t gotten that high paying dream career I worked so diligently to have.

I thought at this stage I would have a better partner to settle into a long-term loving relationship. Another pipe dream lost. The final blow I live in a state (New York City) where the landlord’s greed rules and even though everyone’s money is the color of green, if a person is white and can pay higher rent they are privileged to live in the best neighborhoods.

I am faced with making the choice of sharing an apartment after living in my own space for twenty-three years. I ask myself over and over, How can I co-habitate with a stranger? I am a clean freak, who likes a quite home, a peaceful home is important for me to keep my sanity.

OMG. The fear of seeing someone’s boyfriend coming out of the bathroom in his underwear. Someone eating my food or secretly going through my belongings. The real estate market is such that living on one’s own would require working a tremendous number of hours to cover the rent alone.

Today, I had an appointment at a roommate finders’ agency, the realtor asked me” what am I willing to give up  to acquire a place where I can have all my belongings with me, and to make a fresh start.”

At this present moment, I don’t know how to answer that question.

What say you?



They Say/I Say


Dear Readers, Friends, Foe and Family.

Here me when I say,” DON’T GIVE UP ON A VISION, a GOAL, OR THE PLAN THAT YOU HAVE FOR YOUR LIFE.” No matter who is for or against you. No matter the obstacles, bad days, lack of funds, or the short comings of THOSE around, who do not support you, or believe that you are cable of achieving what you set out to do. DON’T SURRENDER, FOLD, GIVE IN, OR SUBMIT. “Dreams are Necessary to Life.” ~ Anais Nin. Hold on You Day is coming.