You Said That?

Dear readers,

When you tweet a statement you cannot take it back. Nowadays the trend is to say something politically incorrect, press send, say Oops, then tweet a retraction.  An apology does not make what was said go away. The reality is your rant is a reflection of how you feel. Hiding behind phrase like, “I used the wrong words’ or “it was insensitive” and “what I said was taken out of content” does not excuse or erase the insults that targets a particular group. Not every idea or thought needs to be spoken aloud. You are entitled by the first Amendment to have your say. However, what I do not approve of is using the press or social media as a platform to disrespect, degrade, humiliate, and air personal grievance.

The bottom line think before you press SEND.

What Say You?

Age, A Number or Not?

Dear readers, aging-stages-cartoon

Psst…have you hear that there is a secret to aging? In the latest issue of AARP  magazine there is an article that suggest “31 Proven Age Erasing Secrets,” yeah, tips on how to erase, set back, stop or slow down the aging process.  But, there is a down side, what doesn’t stop, goes backwards or slows down is the Numbers.

These days graying or loss of hair, diminished hearing, fading vision, less pep, and memory loss isn’t trendy. The general point of view about aging means people who have lost their usefulness. In other words, a person of advanced age no longer fits into a society that workshops youth, beauty, and a flawless body.

I’m 52, yeah, I said my age out loud. I believe that daily moderate exercise, healthy eating, sleeping well, staying connected to family and friends; while engaging in mentally stimulating activities, can help elderly people have a better quality of life during the aging process.

Photos taken by aahman_-2

This is my story. What say you?