The End is NEAR

Dear Readers, 

Lately I’ve been feeling off balance fighting through a period of feeling emotionally and physically drained and disappointed. At this point in my life I feel I need to give deep thought into what I am doing, and is it truly meaningful, or is all of the book writing, blogging, vlogging, just another way of me staying busy, which in turn appears like I am productive and successful. 

Since the start of the pandemic I’ve taken several free courses and just recently completed a 40 hour training to become a Victim Advocate for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I feel that it would be a great experience to add to my resume. But, the more that I think I am accomplishing, the bigger the question of what am I doing for my future? Creating a brand, publishing books, joining the International Lions Club, will any of these activities help me in the future. 

I have a timeline. I want to semi-retire in three years at ( 60) and fully retire at 62, and relocate from New York. Can I do this in three to five years on my own? How? To accomplish my retirement vision means less time For my brandConversations with J. R. Floyd. I have two manuscripts I wanted to publish this year, and dealing with the disappointment of being 7 months into this year, and some of the projects I planned had to be rescheduled, and I may not be able to complete them. 

It’s time for me to put the same focus and energy into planning for my future. The last five years I’ve been balancing my time between two jobs that I no desire to continue to do. I am hoping that my upcoming cross country drive from New York to California will help me to refocus my energy and start to design a new vision for my future.  I am not looking for a fresh start or to start over just to work from the foundation that I currently have. 

If anyone has retirement advice or suggestions I would like to hear from you.

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The Sweet Smell of Peace

Dear Readers, 

Since we’ve been under the order to socially disconnect these are some words, emotions, and feelings people are expressing either verbally or posted on social media. Anger, panic, fear, disbelief, shock, depression, sadness, worry, uncertainly, outrage, and not to mention sleepless nights.The one word I don’t hear anyone verbalizing is PEACE. Today, my mission is to uplift you and to be the voice of HOPE.

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When life becomes a little chaotic, take a moment and say the word PEACE. When PANIC starts to smother you breathe and think PEACE. If  ANGER, FRUSTRATION, and CONFUSION cloud your mind scream out the word PEACE. We seem to live in a time of SADNESS, DEPRESSION, WORRY, and UNCERTAINTY that leads to sleepless nights. 

Take a moment to be still and breathe in the sweet smell of PEACE. 

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The Voices

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Dear Readers, what is your internal guidance system saying to you?

I found this question difficult to answer because I was not properly introduced to my internal guidance system. Oh, I know about the feelings of being in a situation of discomfort. I know about the mistakes of not listening to that voice in my head that says, “Don’t do it this is a bad idea.” Or ignoring that feeling when you know it’s going to be a bad day, but you go into the office and it turns out to be the worst day of the week. So, if the question is referring to the inner voice or that gut feeling that we often ignore than yes, I do know something about my internal guidance system.

How much time do you spend bonding with your internal guidance system? Do you often find yourself acting on feelings instead of waiting, thinking, praying, and then listening? If you like me I talk myself out of things that I should have listened when my internal guidance system was saying “danger, danger.”  Some of the reasons why we ignore the warning voice and tugs of our internal guidance system. Because of the noise and chaos around us it drowns out our inner voice. We don’t spend enough time developing the six sense we need when the voices of our internal guidance system are in full alert. I know that this may sound corny,  but if we learn to become one with our internal guidance system this voice won’t seem foreign.  The distractions of life and chatter from other people’s opinions may be the reason why we doubt what our internal guidance system  because we don’t believe that its leading us in the right direction. Sooner than later we often discover that we are wrong not to follow our internal guidance when we are told  to run away from wrong decisions and rushed judgments.

We can call this voice whatever fits God, the universe, instincts, but if you stay too busy and become wrapped up in the distraction of life, we can become disconnected from our internal guidance system. We need the reassurance of that voice because we don’t always have the answers. Be mindful to stop get quiet and talk to your internal guidance system. You may be surprised about what you hear.

What are you inner voices are saying to you? Join me on my You Tube Channel: Conversations with J. R. Floyd for more………


Sold Out

Dear readers,

I sold out and I settled. I can do better, but I did what so many others do when they feel beaten down by life and loneliness we settle. We tell ourselves that the situation we are settling for is not so bad. All the while the little voice in the back of your head whispers, who do you thinking you’re fooling? When you are in the state that you chose to settle whether it’s a job, the place you live, people we live with or a partner there are constant reminders flashing themselves daily letting us know that we are not being true to ourselves. The world is full of unhappy people who have settled. They live each day with buildup resentment because that little voice gets louder saying, you desire better or why didn’t you wait? This is an unhealthy emotional state to live in. In the beginning you tried to quiet the voice but as time goes by that job you settled for becomes a place of torture. The house, apartment and neighborhood that you took because you felt that you had no choice become a place of tribulation instead of peace. And the partner you settled for he or she becomes the person you want to run away from instead of getting closer to them. In the end if you truly desire to be true to thyself you face the truth that you willingly made a mistake hope no one gets hurt and you get out. There is no happiness in denial.
What say you?