A Few Things I Want to Say

Dear Readers, there’s is a few things I would like to address, please bear  with me.cropped-dsc2746-1.jpg

This new idea of a genderless society is a step towards taking away our individual identify. I have never been fond of the principle of assigned gender roles. I am a supporter of equal rights regardless of gender some people interrupt this as women’s desire to compete with men this thinking is wrong. It is by natural selection that we are given our gender and identity. Furthermore, due to advance science and technology parents are able to discover the gender of an embryo, so much for the elements of surprise. There is even speculation of future technology that will allow parents to select certain features that they deem desirable resulting in their children being born with certain characteristics that will allow them to an advantage over other children. This all seems so absurd and out of control. Remember Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s literary masterpiece Frankenstein. This narrative illustrates the consequences of man going beyond the order of nature. What I observe occuring in society is the reordering or recreating a world to fit the needs of particular groups of people who feel the need to create a society that is out of the natural order. In today’s society practicing morals and good value is no longer important.

Our leaders have failed to stand firm on issues of family values instead they bend to every movement and organizations that cry foul when they feel that their basic human rights have been violated due a difference of opinions on issues like same sex marriage, gender neutral restrooms, the right to life, affordable housing, and the right to earn a fair wage. We have become so divided that we challenge whose life matter more. Black lives matter, the me to movement, along with other movements only serves the purpose of further diminishing people based on race and gender. Not to mention the that we currently live in a ” except me as I am society” where being unhealthy and overweight is viewed as body shaming so the practice of encouraging obesity is expected. Even the religious people are fleeing from their houses of worship to join non denominational churches because they are at odds with the strict rules of religion.

This chaos has led to an increase level of anger. Am I the only one who notice the increasing number of people who are angry? People are short fused. Patients, sympathy, compassion, understanding and reasoning is something of the past. Anger seems to be the new way to express displeasure, venting, going into a rage, and spewing out insults is becoming a normal part of people’s character. People blame social media, the overcrowding of public transportation, long commutes, the daily grind of life, high unemployment, hopleness, and high levels of stress, the list can go on and on, but the plain true is people are angry. This anger is spilling out into everyday life. Parents are short tempered towards their children. Couples are fighting more than usual over the smallest issues turning their home into a battle ground. There seems to be more anger at the workplace thus creating an unpleasant and hostile work environment. In the service industry consumers and customer service representatives are at odds due to complaints of low quality serve. People who are employed as wait staff, hair industry, driver’s, retail, healthcare, phone representative, postal workers all have the same complaint. They deliver poor service because they are shown very little appreciation for the services they provide.

If I am painting a picture that the world is on a collision course with itself just think about what is currently taking place immigrants are the focus of this administration, no one is seeking solutions to high unemployment, the homeless, drug abuse, and the increasing numbers of business closing. The politicians are focused on their personal agenda and they have no regards for the people who elected them to protect and provide for our well being in order to build a stronger and better world for the sake of all humanity.
Does any of this make any sense? If so what say you?

The Parent Trap

Dear readers, Here’s something to talk about

The Joy of Parenthood: Worth the Price?


Maybe kids aren’t such bundles of joy after all. A new study from the University of Waterloo has found that parents exaggerate the joys of raising children to justify their economic cost. With the average kid costing nearly $200.000 by the age of 18, and most children no longer earning their keep by helping out on the family farm, the economic value of having kids has diminished. In that sense, say researchers, the myth of parental joy is a modern psychological phenomenon used to justify the high cost. Can that really be true?

The idea that kids don’t make us happier is strongly resisted, say experts, but it makes total sense. A species that was easily persuaded of the misery of parenting would stop wanting to reproduce. So, from a scientific  standpoint, we should be hardwired to think that having children makes life more meaningful, even in reality, kids make life harder.

“The way we idealize parenthood is an example of a phenomenon known as ‘cognitive dissonance’, ” says journalist Laura Carroll. it’s defined as ” a psychological defense we create to justify our choices and beliefs, ” and it’s not only used to justify having kids. we also do this when we idealize the cars we buy, and explain away why we stay with lousy boyfriends. It’s just that with parenting, there’s no going back.

Not everyone agrees. ” If we’re all exaggerating the joys of parents, we aren’t aware of it, ” says journalist Monica Bielanko at Babble. A 2008 study found that nearly 90 percent of news mothers listed ” joy” as their reason  for having kids.  And, as one parent says, ” While parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done too, even if it costs a million bucks and my children don’t take care of me when I’m old.”


*Adapted from an article appearing on http;//www.theweek.com, 3/10/11


What Say You?