The Knight and the Lady


The knight knocked at the castle gate; The lady marvelled who was thereat.

To call the porter he would not blin; The lady said he should not come in.

The portress was a lady bright; Strangeness that lady hight.

She asked him what was his name; He said, Desire, your man, Madame.’

She said, Desire, what what do ye here? He said, Madame, as your prisoner.’

He was counselled to brief a bill, And show my lady his own will.

Kindness,’ said she,’ would it bear,’ And Pity, said she, would be there.’

Thus how they did we cannot say; we left them there and went our way.

William Cornish`



The Legend of the Forget-me-not

Forget -me not, the lover’s flower, means ” I love you truly-do not forget me.” The legend behind this bright blue flower’s name is a delight, if sad, tale:

A knight in armor and his lady were walking by a river when the lady  spied some pretty blue flowers growing by the  water. She admired them, and the knight went to pick them for her. Alas, his armor unbalanced him, and he tumbled into the water, still clutching the flowers. As he went under for the third and last time, he threw the flowers to his love, crying ” forget-me-not…”

( The legend doesn’t say what happened to the lady. We may hope that she stayed true to his wish)

What say you?