Will the real home wrecker, please stand up.

Greeting from the mad Dater,

It has  been a while since I’ve updated my readers about my journey to find the one that is just right for me. In my quest for my soul mate mostly online, I’ve learned some do’s and don’ts for online dating. One requirements should be that the people posting  profiles should not be married.

How you ask me have I come to this conclusion? Well,  here is a part of a confession printed in a magazine about a married man and his heavy phone sex activities,and the advice that was given to the person feeling guilty.

Confessor: I don’t feel guilty about having phone sex with a married man. Should I?

The Adviser: ….. In a perfect world, no one would hook up with taken or married people, but I’m also sick of seeing women labeled as ” the other women and ” home wrecker” when they’re not the ones who looked a human they’re suppose to love in the eyes and pledged fidelity. Ultimately , the married dude should be feeling guilty, and this is his cross to bear.

oops. I went over my promised 100 word.

What Say You?