What’s Important Now

Dear bloggers,  it’s been about one week since New York City has been slowly shutting down due to the Corona-virus. No matter what state you live in, today, I want to encourage you to remember this too shall pass. I invite you to think about the word WIN, What’s Important Now. Right where you are, think about what’s important now. Since this lock down has been set in place, people have been in a hurry to get back to “ normal” .  I hear people talk about feelings of fear, panic, chaos, depression, anger and confusion considering the circumstances these are all legitimate emotions. 


Question, how are you fueling these emotions? Are you a news hoarder?  It’s okay to check in for an update, but it is your Television, Cell phone, I pad, and Radio on 24 hours, so that your mind  is being bombarded with News. Yes, the fear about money, bills, rent, mortgage, car payments and so on are real. How is worry and panic going to solve your troubles? Try to avoid adding more stress and tension in your home during this period of being shut in. 


I suggest you try to focus on What’s Important Now. 


Focus on remaining as calm as you can. It’s important to maintain structure, make plans for how you’re going to spend the days, weeks maybe months. It’s okay to go out as a family for walks, exercise is important to maintain strength, eat well, avoid loading up on junk foods. Keep a regular sleep schedule. Use this time for self reflection individually and as a family. Maybe now is the time to create a new future for your family, or are you willing to go back to life as you call “ normal” . This crisis will change us as people and as a nation.  Are you going to come out of this crisis with a greater appreciation for family, God, your house of worship, place of employment, health, and home. Or better awareness about What’s Important Now? Will your bond with the people who matter most  be stronger? 


 I am thankful that I have a roommate and I am not alone. I am thankful to be able to work from home, and earn a paycheck.  I am thankful for my live Facebook chats to share words of empowerment. I am grateful I can talk to a community of bloggers. I have my life, my health, my family and friends are protected. This is What’s Important Now. 


My thoughts and prayers, are with the world.


My Bleeding Heart.



Dear Readers,

Valentine’s Day the day, some women hold men hostage for “A RING,” and a few women will receive roses that will dry up and die. Some women get excited on Valentine’s Day because this is the only day out of an entire year when their partners make an extra effort to express love. Women need to discover their worth and stop determining their worthiness by other people’s opinions. Women must understand the value of self-love rather than waiting for a man to show them love. We are more precious than any DIAMOND RING, and our inner and outer beauty surpasses the life of any ROSE. Many women believe Valentine’s Day is that one special day to express love. Actually, it is another commercialized day to encourage people to part with their money all in the name of “Love.” On this day of “Love” women, have unrealistic expectations that they think will last a lifetime. They are not solely to blame for their behavior. There are women in  society who have not received the proper guidance from their mothers because they lacked knowledge and guidance about self-love. Hence, the cycle of women participating in dysfunctional relationships continues because no one has taught them how to break the “generational curse. “Read “The Waiting Game.”

One woman’s journey of heartache and brokenness to healing and redemption.


Making the List

Dear Santa,


I want a bestfriend I can sleep with, make love to, travel with, shop with, dream with, and live with. I want a life partner, someone that I can laugh with and build with. Somebody that I can trust with my heart, my money, and my life. Somebody I’m not afraid to lose because I know they’ll Always be there.  A relationship with love and loyalty, I’ll take that.

Thank you Santa.

What Say You?