Family Values

Dear parents, grandparents, and other extended family members. Are you paying attention to how your dressing or allowing your young daughter’s to dress? Shorts are getting shorter and butt cheeks are hanging out. T-shirts are tighter and smaller exposing young breast. Dresses are shorter exposing innocent private areas. Leggings are becoming thinner featuring panty lines. Parents your thinking these are my children and no one has the right to tell you how to raise them. Reminder, this is a different world morals, values, and respect are not important to child molesters. I am thankful that back in the day I was raised and protected by a village.

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Dying to be Perfect

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” Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth the Risk?” Rebecca  Ganzak reports about the high cost and dangers of cosmetic surgery. What’s unique about her article is the increasing rate of teenagers ( boys and girls) under the age of 18 getting corrective surgery. Ganzak provides information about how parents are contributing to this trend by financially supporting their children’s desire to have cosmetic surgery.
Ganzak’s asks a question: ” Why do common issues like body image and self esteem among teens  result in the drastic measures of under going the knife?” This is important to talk about because as adults, we understand the maturing process will cause changes to teenagers bodies and minds. Therefore, it’s the parents responsibility to explain to their children, how each person’s body develops differently, and to help them to understand that what society deems as imperfections in their appearance is not correct.
Children under 18 or above do not fully understand the risk associated with going under anesthesia, and the complications that may arise after cosmetic surgery. For these reasons, parents should seek positive means to help their children develop a healthy self-esteem about their bodies, and other physical features that they may be unhappy with.
Taking the unnecessary route of cosmetic surgery in order to help teens develop the perfect body image, based on society standards of the ideal body type is not worth loosing their life.

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Rebecca Ganzak, March 27, 2008

Qualities of a true Parent

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This might be unpleasant for some people.

Sperm donor, absentee father, dead beat dad, poor excuse for a mother, estranged parent, these are some of the labels given to parents who separate themselves from their children. There are mother and fathers who make difficult decisions to distance themselves from their children. I’m not referring to the mothers who use  thier children as weapons to gain financial support, while denying the fathers visitation.And the mothers  who teach their children to hate their fathers because he left them.

Angry fathers taking the mother of their children to court suing them for sole custody citing  that they are unfit to raise children. The fathers  who avoid paying child support by staying unemployed, or they drop out of sight moving to another state or country.

Its a shame that  children get caught in the middle of messy, ignorant, selfish affairs of adults. In the end most parents are pushed away from their children. A person can take but so much drama.

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