Dear readers,

We run around like rats chasing after cheese moving from hole to hole. In New York City, I’ve observed people commuting on trains and buses gulping down slices of pizza before reaching their destinations. Most of then are suffering from heart burn, acid reflux or some form of indigestion.

People walk fast in New York City, claiming that’s how a true New Yorkers moves. Hogwash. They walk fast trying to keep pace on this virtual treadmill called life. They speak to each other in passing shouting as the distance between them grows wider and wider. New Yorkers rush around huffing and puffing to catch a train, plain, car or bus they’ve so carefully  scheduled, and if they are one minute off, boom, the entire day is ruined

Weekends has become a marathon of chores  and trying  to caught up, this means, racing against the clock trying to complete impossible tasks before the dreaded MONDAY. Vacations have turned into a stay-cations, mostly due to the boss needing you close to work because he/she is on a real vacation, and might call you asking some questions about the project you’re not supposed to be working on during your backyard  stay-cation.

I once heard some one say, choose your struggle and stick with it.

I say, breathe and visualize this.

Imagine all the people living in peace~ John Lennon

What say you?

#the struggle is real

Love Gone Wrong

Dear Readers,

You may recall a few days ago, I told you I’ve found true love. His name is Boone, a two-year old Beagle, I adopted from a shelter. The process began Saturday July 9, 2016, myself and two nieces attended a dog adoption event.  We were disappointed by the low number of small dogs, the staff did their best to encourage us to adopt a large dog. If I lived out in the country, I would adopt two large dogs, but I live in a home in queens with a small backyard.

Anyway, we were referred to  a central shelter in East Harlem. I wanted to go home, my nieces encouraged me to go to the shelter. After we ate lunch, had restroom breaks, we took three trains to the shelter, singed in and was instructed to walk around and look at the dogs. I saw Boone, boom! love at first sight. When we arrived at the meet and greet room, I sat on the floor, Boone jumped into my lap all 27 pounds of him. My nieces jumped for joy and he barked in agreement.

Next step… we processed the paper work, paid the fee and was told to pick him up the following Tuesday after his nip tuck surgery. The story continues…. me and  my two nieces spend a few days shopping for dog accessories, cleaning and dog proofing my apartment,and watching endless dog training videos in You Tube.

Flash forward… to Tuesday. I had a car and driver ready,  half hour before departure, I received a call… Boone tested positive for heart worms, he would be going to a no kill shelter. I didn’t get the chance to say good-by. My nieces eyes watered. We dealt with this news by eating ice cream and talking about looking at other dogs.

On Friday, July 16, seven days after loosing Boone, we took the same three trains to the shelter, sat in the meet and greet room being introduced to countless dogs. None of them had the same personality like Boone. My nieces agreed, we were told that the adoption fee would be sent by check in the mail in about two months. We left the shelter, ate some New York pizza, boarded the train and didn’t look back.

Closure, I returned the pet items to pet-co with an explanation. I am still numb from the process.


What say you?