Forever Pure

Warm and Secure

You have a special way of making me feel warm and secure.

Your strength and power inspire me to adore you more.

Life constant changes drives me in sane. Your love I can depend on to remain the same.

I’ve never desired a man for riches or fame.

All the gold in fort Knox’s can’t compare to this burning flame.

I hunger for your touch.

Love so gentle, kind, forever pure.

I can climb the highest mountain, swim from shore to shore and weather any storm

Because I have your love to keep me warm and secure.

I would be lost without you, for you know this is true.

Don’t ever stop making my skies starry and blue.

It’s your love that keeps me alive,

This I shall not deny your promises I can always rely.

Every day with you is like being born again

Because I have your love to keep me warm and secure.

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Dear readers,

Beyoncé say, ” If you liked it , then you should have put a ring on it.” This song has become an anthem for many single women. I’m confused, what does the word  IT mean? Is Beyoncé referring to the ring finger? For many women  interrupt the word IT as, excuse my language, their vagina. If this isn’t the case then what does the word IT in the song mean?

I’m a women and I don’t want to be referred to as liking IT, or my female private parts. Yet, so, many women use the ” put a ring on it” line when trying to get a man to marry them. Well, IT took Jay Z years before he put a ring on IT. In the meantime, what was he thinking if he really liked IT.

Too all the single ladies, I say, a promise  or engagement ring  is a symbol of expressed love, no matter how small or big. Women should never compare their worth to a ring. Question, is the person putting a ring  on IT, are they loving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, and treats you like an equal partner?

Think on these things before running around singing, ” put a ring on it.”

What Say You?




Promises or Lies?


Dear readers, excuse my absence

Question, How many times have you heard this, ” Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”

It’s  a common belief that, when people make a promises, they do so with good intentions. It’s their way of say, ” Trust me, I won’t let you down.” However, when the promise contract is broken, the promise keeper is labeled a liar , and is said to be a person that cannot be trusted.  A broken promise can cause emotional damage that sometimes can’t be repaired.  In life sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. But, when a person fails to keep a promise, due  to lack of concern for the person on the receiving end of that promise; in their eyes the promise turns into a lie.

What Say You?