Normal isn’t normal anymore

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People are speculating about the reason for the sudden increase of mass shootings, and other acts of terrorism. Some blame religious fanatics others claim random acts of evil. An interesting theory came from a colleague who suggests that we are the cause for these terrible events. He explains that it is our collective thinking and behavior. He also believes that society is void of   basic acts of humanity, in addition, to lacking the ability to connect to simple emotions that binds us to the one true race, the human race. We stand firm in the continued practice of segregation, based on race, gender, and religious beliefs. There are those among us who are committed to the rule of a superior race deeming all others inferior. The greed of corporate America putting profits over people, instituting the practice of ruling their employees by fear, thus instilling anger, bitterness and resentment into the minds of those who are just trying to make ends meet. Genuine love and living by the motto “I am my Brother’s Keeper” is a long forgotten value. This country has given into foul play each time a particular group of people screams injustice. We live in a society where Reality TV is the norm, the conversation of the day is what happened on the show Empire, while this generation runs rampaged exploring sexuality to the tenth level; not to mention that teaching morals, ethics and good values is no longer on Americas’ agenda. We are spinning out of control, and to make matters worse, our world and religious leaders are still playing the game of separation of church and state. Therefore, these incidents will continue to happen until we decide collectively to think about the good of the one true race, the human race.


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Why Play Games?

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The Dating game, the Newlywed game, the Bachelorette, and the Bachelor are shows for entertainment. However, relationships in real life are not games, and should not be used for amusement. No one deserves to be played, used or deceived by an individual who believes that dating or the sacred bond of marriage is a game.

Taking people for granted and having a lack of consideration for the emotional and physical investment, not to leave out trust one person puts into establishing a relationship, only  to be fooled by a mean, underhanded, evil partner who is playing a game. I address these issues concerning the damage caused to people, especially, women in my new book, The Waiting Game, by J. R. Floyd, Now Available on Amazon.

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