Dear readers,

I shall never be weary of saying how thankful I am for the daily blessings of life. When I find myself thinking about the things I don’t have; I take a deep breath look around me and bring my awareness back to the reality that my life is WONDERFUL.

What Say you?

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Dreams or Goals?


Dear readers, I’ve been advised not to have dreams, because they can sometimes turn into nightmares.

Instead, I’m told to set goals, map out a plan to achieve these goals.  I’ve watched some people talk about dreams, or day dream about dreams. Some people dream all their lives, they never wake up to the reality, that a person can keep a desire or an image of a dream in their mind, but if they are not taking the necessary steps, no matter how small to accomplish their hearts desire, than it because just a dream.

Dreams are necessary to Life-Anais Nin

What say you?