A Balance life is not an Act

Dear Readers 

The balancing act of life is easier said than done. How do you balance work, productive social life, and in my case finishing a Masters, while being  chief cook and bottle washer at home. Since the end of the covid shelter in place and as we slowly resumed a new normal, I have discovered that my old practice of organizing my daily schedule on a planner no longer works. We are six months into 2023 and I have fallen ill three times and I lack the energy and motivation I had pre covid. I assumed that once I started working five days and finally had my weekends free that life would be more enjoyable, however it has not worked out the way I planned in my head. 

I think the difficulty individuals have with a balanced life is because we live in a society that doesn’t promote good mental and emotional health. I live in New York City where people adapt the theory because they live in a big city where life is about rushing and constantly moving. The results of rushing and a packed schedule affects quality of family life, intimate relationships, and friendships, because people are increasingly discovering they have very little quality downtime.  

Most of the time I feel like I am on automatic and the things that used to bring me joy are no longer of interest because I don’t have the time. I used to exercise no less than three times a week. My health used to be a priority; however, I have noticed a decline in how I take care of myself.  I used to read at least two books a month. Now I am happy if I read one. I used to go out to meet friends at least once or twice during the week and my weekends were full of creative juices. I would post at least podcasts, blog and work on a book manuscript. Now I have a couch potato and don’t let me get started with the junk food I eat. 

I am at a standstill trying to understand how I got here and what am I going to do to get out of the rut. And yes, there is some good news. I am in the process of building a tiny house and heading for the country.    Stay Tune.

Thank you for reading.

Are You in Over Your Head?

Dear Readers,

Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan on Pexels.com

Balance is a simple word. It means to distribute weight evenly. Recently I forced myself to slow down by rearranging my schedule due to feeling overwhelmed.  Each passing day I began to declutter my schedule and gain a better perspective on how to solve the issue of rushing, and not getting enough rest.  The rest I am referring to isn’t about the recommended 7-8 of sleep. I mean resting from that never ending To Do List. 

The last two years I’ve examined the quality of activities in my life, and made some changes. First, I do not volunteer my time for anything unless I am benefiting from the activity. I no longer say yes to any requests unless I review my calendar. I stopped cramming my calendar with activities. In other words, what I did not need in my schedule is more activities, instead take the activities I do have an add Balance. 

I am preparing for retirement and I need the time to explore and research my plan to relocate and build a tiny house. At this stage of my life I no longer feel the need or have the energy to Grind. I have noticed as I am advancing in age my mind and body are no longer willing to cooperate with me working 16 hour days. What I need more of is Balance and Consistency in making the quality of my life a priority. 

I do not need to add more tasks to my To Do List. I need to practice Balance. Being busy doesn’t mean productivity. Have you ever stopped to question what you’re busy doing and why? I have recreated my To Do List into five areas of my life: health, worship, finances, rest, and retirement. The goal is to  prioritize these five areas and Balance my time to give equality and quality to the goals I want to achieve in these areas. For example, in the area of Rest, I have been traveling more and taking weekend mental breaks by staying at an airbnb. The more I take weekend breaks from the same routines I feel energized, refreshed and I have more clarity. 

It’s so easy to lose sight of the demands we place on these human bodies. When was the last time you paid attention to how mentally and emotionally drained your feelings? Society tells us to be positive, push through, be strong and that multitasking is good. What I observe is a population of people who are exhausted, angry, eating poorly, rushing from one activity to the next, not enough quality time spent at home, and taking less and less time for mental breaks and vacations. 

Declutter your schedule, home and workspace. Throw out that never ending To Do List. Cancel the bucket list. Create a Life List. Take time to critically think why you’re feeling overwhelmed. How do you rest?  How is your mental and emotional health? Don’t you think it’s worth taking time to slow down and practice Balance, Consistency and adding some peace and joy into your life. 

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